frameworks for web development

Top 10 Frameworks for seamless Web Development  

Web development has now become an integral part of any business. Choosing suitable frameworks can help the web development process go easier and more efficiently. This Synodus blog will discuss web frameworks, their types, and the top 10 web development frameworks.  What Is Web Framework? Web Development Framework, or Web Framework for short, is a […]

Tips to choose your best Web Development Team

Every business wants a website nowadays; it’s one of the most common front doors to connect with your customers. Yet, just a few programming isn’t enough to make a well-functioning website. Your web development team should be composed of specialists with different skill sets to meet the project’s goals. Let’s think about the primary duties, necessary abilities, and talents […]

Behavioral Analytics

What Is Behavioral Analytics? Definition, Examples and Tools 

Every mouse click and movement on the screen reveals something about the user’s habits. This information can be utilized to attract new potential customers to your business better. Understanding customers’ behavior is a crucial key to providing the best service. Instead of guessing and providing things unintentionally, Behavioral Analytics allows you to discover precisely how […]