smart contracts vs traditional contracts

Smart contracts vs Traditional contracts: The Right Way for Business

While traditional contracts have been the backbone of our economy for centuries, smart contracts evolved as a modern method enabled by blockchain, promising to deliver better transparency, security, and scalability. What should we choose in today’s business landscape? Which is more ideal between smart contracts and traditional contracts?  Brief View on Traditional Contracts A traditional […]

IT Outsourcing Companies in Singapore

Stop Wasting Time & Money! Discover Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies in Singapore

Singapore is known as a leader in technology innovation in Asia, boasting a robust ecosystem of IT outsourcing companies offering diverse services to customers around the world. Its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and skilled workforce make it an ideal choice for IT outsourcing, attracting global businesses to establish their presence in Singapore.  In this article, […]

microsoft hrm software

No more Manual HR for SaaS in 8 Weeks: From Low-tech to High Efficiency

Project Summary Tech stacks  Services Used Team Composition  Project Timeline  Power Apps Power Automate SharePoint Online Low-code Development Software Development Project manager Business analyst Tester Low-code Developers  2 months  The client, a mid-sized SaaS company with over 300 employees, drowned in piles of spreadsheets and sluggish workflow. 90% of their HR operations are done by hand, the process is error-prone, data […]

microsoft task management system

10 weeks – 30% timesaving – 25% performance waves: Airlines revision 

Project Summary Tech stacks  Services Used Team Composition  Project Timeline Power App Power Automate Power BI SharePoint  Low-code Development Microsoft Consultation 1 Business Analyst 1 Project Manager 2 Developers 10 weeks Meet Bamboo Airways Being the most loved airlines in Vietnam, Bamboo Airways soars the sky with their stellar cabin services. With flights increasing by 22% annually, the challenge of managing […]