web application development process

Mastering Web Application Development: 8 Key Stages for A Comprehensive Process

The web application development process is a journey that transforms ideas into fully functional online solutions. It involves meticulous planning, creative design, efficient coding, rigorous testing, and seamless deployment. Throughout this process, developers and designers collaborate to craft user-friendly, secure, and high-performance applications. In this guide, we’ll explore each stage, uncovering the intricacies and best […]

low code roi

How To Calculate the ROI of Low Code (With Platform Comparison)

Low code platforms are gaining traction, celebrated for their promise to streamline business operations and reduce development time. These benefits are hard to ignore, especially in a fast-paced business environment.   But how do you determine if integrating low code into your operations will be profitable for your specific business? The answer lies in calculating its […]

Low Code Test Automation Tools

Find Bugs in a Minute with 14 Low Code Test Automation Tools

In software development, to ensure your application performance and deployment capabilities, testing is essential. Most of the time, testing should go side by side with the development phase instead of after development. As technology becomes more advanced, businesses want to create their own test cases and tools to expand the success rate instead of relying […]

low code development companies in vietnam

5 Top-notch Low Code Development Companies in Vietnam

Low code is roaming globally, and the tech market in Vietnam, like the rest of Asia, is adapting to this new captivating technology. Now, Vietnam tech vendors are reliable in providing low code custom development. If you are looking for an offshore partner, here’s our guide about the top 5 Low Code Development Companies in […]

low code on premise

7 Top Choices Of Low Code Platforms For On-premises Application

Despite the growth of cloud-based or hybrid systems, on-premises is still relevant today, proving its strength in technology exploitation. By hosting on-site, on-premises applications ensure the highest security and prompt strong performance. Yet, the only barrier is its lengthy and costly development. Many business leaders have combined low code and on-premises infrastructure to build self-hosted […]

low code blockchain

The Good & Bad Of Using Low Code Blockchain Development 

Two most anticipated technologies in recent years, with a rising percentage of adoption and market value, are pointed to be Low Code and Blockchain. Despite serving different purposes and having strikingly contradicting complexities to one another, people are still attempting to adopt blockchain into low code technology, hopefully optimizing the best of both worlds.    So […]