Leveraging Predictive Analytics In Excel For Sales Forecasting

Leveraging Predictive Analytics In Excel For Sales Forecasting: How To Do It  

6 minutes read Sales forecasting has a substantial role in every business’s success when making informed decisions. Yet, most predictions are usually less than 75% precise. In this case, Predictive Analytics technology can help us make the most tangible strategy based on data and reasonable information. This article will demonstrate how to build a reliable sales forecast using Predictive […]

What is Behavioral Analytics? Defintion, Examples & Tools

What Is Behavioral Analytics? Definition, Examples and Tools 

6 minutes read Every mouse click and movement on the screen reveals something about the user’s habits. This information can be utilized to attract new potential customers to your business better. Understanding customers’ behavior is a crucial key to providing the best service. Instead of guessing and providing things unintentionally, Behavioral Analytics allows you to discover precisely how […]

Data Monetization A Complete Guide

Data Monetization: A Complete Guide 

6 minutes read You may hear that data is a treasure that will do you good in every business. And you may hear a ton of different ways to make money out of your data, which could generally be known as “data monetization”. In the years to come, data monetization could still be high on the list of […]

Artificial Intelligence 101 and AI in E-Commerce

Artificial Intelligence 101 and AI in E-Commerce

8 minutes read A survey by Statista showed that 70% of decision-makers in the e-commerce world assumed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would enhance their business by offering personalization in the future. And over 51% believed that AI could drive business growth significantly.     Things have changed a lot since people are dubious about e-commerce being a thriving business model. The […]