Retail Analytics Courses, Books & Reports

It is crucial for retailers and those who are enthusiastic about retailing to update new technologies, trends, and related knowledge continually. In case you are overwhelmed with a plethora of materials, here are recommended retail analytics books, courses, and reports that you don’t want to miss out on!

In this article, we will provide you with some insights into what retail analytics is all about, as well as providing you with some resources, mostly retail analytics courses, books and reports to help get you started. 

What Is Retail Analytics?

Retail analytics, or retail data analytics, is the process of collecting and studying information related to retail sector, for example, sales, inventory, prices, etc. to analyse and discover trends, predict customer’s behaviour, predict possible outcome of certain products, and make significant business decision. If the stage of retail analytics is done well, this could help a host of businesses and enterprises have better insights of customers, products, and stores’ business performance. These insights then can be optimized for the means of business expansion in the future. 

To better understand how retail analytics could empower your business, here are retail analytics use cases that you might want to check them out!

What is Retail Analytics?
What is retail analytics?

Types Of Retail Analytics

Retail analytics can be seen frequently among retail sellers, from simple, easy-to-make spreadsheets to sophisticated, AI-integrated databases. There are four common types of retail data analytics and each of them has distinct approaches and goals. 

  • Descriptive Analytics: the most common type of retail data analytics. Raw data from different sources are gathered in Excel or by BI tools, formatted, and finalized. Its purpose is solely to describe the current state of your business. 
  • Diagnostic Analytics: the most basic type of advanced data analytics. This method uses the raw data from descriptive analytics and dives deeper into data and their correlation. The process includes statistical analysis, algorithms, and machine learning to find out what problem(s) your business is facing. 
  • Predictive Analytics: the intermediate level of data analytics. By using this method, you are searching for predictions and possibilities that might happen to your business. With the integration of complex algorithms, statistical methods, and data for two previous stages 
  • Prescriptive Analytics: the last the most advanced type of analytics. This method helps retailers in deciding which move to do next in order to improve the situation for better result. There are multiple approaches to this kind of analytics, from running simulations to using AI algorithms. To fully master this stage requires great understanding of what actions can lead to the best possible solution.

Top 10 Useful Retail Analytic Books To Read

Here are top 10 recommended retail analytics books that are very excellent on the subject. These books could give you a comprehensive view of customer and marketing analytics, supply chain analytics together with several successful examples and use cases that you can learn from.

1. Retail Analytics: The Secret Weapon

Retail Analytics: The Secret Weapon
Retail Analytics: The Secret Weapon
  • Author: Emmett Cox – Senior Marketing Strategist, SVP and Director of Marketing Insights and Analytics at BOK Financial in Oklahoma 
  • Year of publication: 2011 
  • Main content:  This book is suitable for the ones who are new to retail analytics. It shall instruct a broad understanding of retail, as well as to fully optimize those accumulate data. Each chapter will discuss different aspects of retail analytics, from basic definitions to common retail database design. Integrated with the knowledge are cases and examples of successful use of data and analytics from many retail departments. Overall, the book help retailers and analysis for boosting products sale, provide fact-based analytics strategies for replication on larger-scaled success. Retail Analytics: The Secret Weapon is a must-read retail analytics book for any beginner. 
  • Where to buy: Both of softcopy and hardcover of the book can be found and purchased on Amazon
Get to know Retail Analytics Benefits

2. The Little Book on Big Data: Understand Retail Analytics Through Use Case and Optimize Your Business 

The Little Book on Big Data: Understand Retail Analytics Through Use Case and Optimize Your Business 
The Little Book on Big Data
  • Author: Mahogany Beckford – Marketing Champion in Salesforce’s expert acknowledgement, Martech Strategist, CX Consultant, Certified Salesforce Professional. 
  • Year of publication: 2016 
  • Main content: The Little Book on Big Data is regarded as an “practical guide to retail analytics beginners”, as big data for retail is explained the simplest way possible. Case studies and real-world examples are also provided in order to boost readers’ understanding about how retails progress function, how to use this technology effectively for long-term developments, and how to help increase one company’s profit. What can also be found in this retail analytics book is an awareness of big data tools having the chances of being integrated more in the future. 
  • Where to buy: The audio version (narrated by Carl Hausman) can be purchased on Amazon and cost no fee with Audible trial. 

3. Style & Statistics: The Art of Retail Analytics  

Style & Statistics: The Art of Retail Analytics  
Style & Statistics book
  • Author: Brittany Bullard – Director of Product Strategy for Oracle’s AI capabilities and enterprise platform in the Retail practice at Oracle; former Solutions & Analytical Consultant in the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Practice at SAS Institute. 
  • Year of publication: 2016 
  • Main content: In Style & Statistics, Bullard explains retail analytics in an approachable way, along with examples of real-life application to merchandise management, marketing and operations. A number of topics are also covered in the book such as emerging trends and processes in the retail industry, and application of analytics solution to solve the challenges in retail sector. Readers with no prior IT background can still find the book comprehensible with easy-to-understand key concepts and numerous examples highlighting how understanding analytics are important in retail environment. Through that, they can leverage their knowledge of retail analytics for personal career, gain better understanding about customers’ demand, and find solutions for any flaws and inefficiencies in the retail industry. Style & Statistics is also a book for companies in retail industry, as it points out the way analytics can help them stand out and gain attraction of customers. 
  • Where to buy: Readers can choose paperback, hardcover, and Kindle softcopy of the book on here

4. Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping – Updated and Revised for the Internet, the Global Consumer, and Beyond 

Why We Buy:The Science of Shopping book
Why We Buy:The Science of Shopping book
  • Author: Paco Underhill – Founder and CEO of Enrovisell, Inc. 
  • Year of publication: 2008  
  • Main content: Despite the fact that the book does not directly deal with retails analytics, it still gives reader a substantial basis and observation of consumer culture for retail data analytics enthusiasts. Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping is a compilation of guide on how to keep current customers and pursue for new ones to keep business working. In the latest extended edition, the book also covers the latest trends in online retail division and news about innovative stores Approximately the globe.  
  • Where to buy: Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping is still available in Kindle format and paperback on Amazon.  

5. The New Rules of Retail: Competing in the World’s Toughest Marketplace 

The New Rules of Retail book
The New Rules of Retail book
  • Author: Robin Lewis – CEO of The Robin Report and RLI Consulting, Michael Dart – leader in AT Kearny’s private equity and strategy practice 
  • Year of publication: 2010 
  • Main content: As the world is evolving, so is the retail sector with the emergence of new technologies, globalization, and unprecedent level of competitiveness between retail businesses. In this book, Robin Lewis and Michael Dart investigates the forces behind the changes of retail market and how businesses are adapting to new, modern marketplace. They use the case of many profound brands, namely Starbuck, Ralph Lauren, Apple, Amazon, etc, to indicate the necessity of evolution in the era of e-commerce and data mining. The book also provides information about trends that are driving consumer demand, and three factors determining the success of a business. To sum up, The New Rules of Retail has proven itself correct against the time and given the business leaders the tool to survive and thrive in the industry. 
  • Where to buy: Readers can choose hardcover or Kindle softcopy of the book on here

6. The New Science Of Retailing: How Analytics Are Transforming The Supply Chain And Improving Performance

 The New Science Of Retailing Book
The New Science Of Retailing Book
  • Author: Marshall Fisher – UPS Professor at The Wharton School and Owner, 4R System Inc., Ananth Raman – UPS Foundation Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. 
  • Year of publication: 2010 
  • Main content: The New Science of Retailing reveal the struggle of retailers when they have loads of essential data but without proper customer insight to properly utilize them. In order to improve that, Marshall Fisher and Ananth Raman offer analytics solutions to improve situation. Along with the case studies, the book will guide readers some worthy strategies, from mining sale data for controlling product’s input, reinventing strategies to creating incentives that motivate your supply chain partners to work toward common goals. To conclude, The New Science of Retailing is the playbook for turning all that data into a wellspring of new profits and unprecedented efficiency. 
  • Where to buy: The book in Kindle format and hardcover can be found on here.  

7. Analytics For Retail: A Step-by-Step Guide To The Statistics Behind Successful Retail Business

Analytics For Retail Book
  • Author: Rhoda Okunev 
  • Year of publication: 2022 
  • Main content: Analytics for Retail is a step-by-step guide to understanding and managing the mechanics of markups and markdowns, as well as basic statistics, math, and computers for retail business owner. It focuses on the necessary and useful applied analytics required to build a retail business, as well as the mathematical concepts required for decision making and communication in retail business environments. Specific retail business scenarios are applied to learn basic mathematics, probability, and statistics required for big data analysis. Readers will learn what to do with data once it’s accumulated and how to organize it using descriptive statistics, primarily means, median, and mode, as well as how to read the corresponding charts and graphs. Overall, this book is suitable for ones that are already in the field or a reader that is preparing themselves for analytics-related positions. 
  • Where to buy: Kindle format and paperback version of the book is available on here

8. Retail Therapy: Why The Retail Industry Is Broken – And What Can Be Done To Fix It 

Retail Therapy book
Retail Therapy book
  • Author: Mark Pilkington – CEO of Gossard, Director of Fire Brand Consulting 
  • Year of publication: 2019.
  • Main content: As the world is entering new era of technology and shopping, we hear more often about well-known retail chains being continuously closed down. In Retail Therapy, certain topics are discussed, namely the force behind the shift of people’s behaviour and relationship with brands, why so many large organizations, malls, and shops lose their attraction, and the nature of supply chain. Throughout the whole book, readers are provided with extensive studies of those said topics, discover how they are making impacts on the field of retailing, and figure out the solution for sustainable success in the long run. 
  • Where to buy: Kindle and paperback edition of the book can be found on here

9. Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World

Reengineering Retail book
Reengineering Retail book
  • Author: Doug Stephens – Founder of Retail Prophet, Retail Futurist 
  • Year of publication: 2017 
  • Main content: Reengineering Retail, a sequel following The Retail Survival, discusses the revolution in global retail and consumer good market after witnessing the rise of the sale giants and the fall of small retail business. In this book, Doug Stephen has pointed out a future vision in which our experience and concept of shopping and retail activities, at any scale, will be profoundly reinvented under the influence digital technology. Stephen’s strategies, interviews with industry disruptors, and real-world examples are all packed in 256 pages of reading. 
  • Where to buy: Kindle and hardcover edition of the book can be found on here

10. Resurrecting Retail: The Future of Business in a Post-Pandemic World by Doug Stephens 

Resurrecting Retail book
Resurrecting Retail book
  • Author: Doug Stephens – Founder of Retail Prophet, Retail Futurist 
  • Year of publication: 2021 
  • Main content: As Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, numerous aspects and social sectors has been tremendously affected. Retail industry was no exception as it first entered a month-long halt in the history. In Resurrecting Retail, Dough Stephens retells not only how the wave of pandemic has set an unprecedented scenario for retail industry but also how businesses strive for post-pandemic resurrection. Throughout the book, readers can also understand the effect of Covid-19 in changing customer behaviours. It also helps business leaders, or simply analytics enthusiast, understand and find a suitable resurrecting plan for their business in the post-pandemic future. 
  • Where to buy: Kindle and hardcover edition of the book can be found on here
More Retail Analytics use cases to learn!

Top 10 Useful Retail Analytics Courses For All Levels (Free & Paid)

Retail Analytics Course is another useful resource that you can accumulate knowledge from. In our recommended list below, we include both free and paid courses at all levels so that you can choose the most suitable course to get started learning!

1. Business Analysis and Process Management 

Retail Analytics Course: Business Analysis and Process Management 
Retail Analytics Course: Business Analysis and Process Management 
  • Course type: Coursera’s Guided Project 
  • Cost: Free 
  • Level: Beginner 
  • Duration: 2 hours 
  • Course Description: The free guided project Business Analysis and Process Management is suitable for beginners, managers who are working in small and medium enterprises, and work best with learners in North America region. It will provide learners an initial understanding of business analysis, which helps further develop the solution-creating skills to deal with business problems. By the end of the project, learners are expected to develop their proficiency in English, business background, and computer literacy. Learners can also analyse, evaluate business and find solutions to current problems; define processes, objectives, and flow of business in organization context. This course is also necessary for tra
    The contents in the course include: Basic Knowledge building; Recognize business process; Lucidchart’s modelling tool and how to create model on it; Analyse & Evaluate process model. While learning in Guided Project mode, students can watch step-by-step video on split-screen and work simultaneously on the left workspace. 
  • Certificate availability: No certificate provided.  
  • Other requirements: Learners must be at least 2 years of experience in the field of Business (in education and/or practice) 
  • Access to the Course: Business Analysis and Process Management 

2. Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification For Beginner

Retail Analytics Course: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification For Beginner  
Retail Analytics Course: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification For Beginner  
  • Course type: K21 Academy’s online course 
  • Cost: Free 
  • Level: Beginner 
  • Duration: 1.5-3 hours 
  • Course Description: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification for Beginner is introductive course to the use of Microsoft Power BI tool for desktop, service, and mobile in data analysis. By attending the course, learners are able to gain understanding about the role of data analyst, the objectives and target groups that are welcomed and encouraged to learn data analytics. The course also provides learners an insight about the reason why the role of data analyst is consistently on high demand and how enterprises and company generate benefits from data analytics. Throughout the course, career opportunities and market trends related to data analytics are also mentioned. Other activities like hand-on labs and QnA session with experts are also carried out before learners finally finish the course. 
  • Certificate availability: Microsoft Data Analyst Associate 
  • Other requirements: No 
  • Access to the Course: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification For Beginner

3. Market and Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics Course: Marketing and Retail Analytics
Retail Analytics Course: Marketing and Retail Analytics
  • Course type: Great Learning’s online course 
  • Cost: Free 
  • Level: Beginner 
  • Duration: 3 hours 
  • Course Description: Market and Retail Analytics, taught by Prof. Raghavshyam Ramamurthy, Industry Expert in Visualization, is described to help learners understand demand and dominating trends that help businesses generate profit in the retail industry. Throughout the course of retail analytics & marketing, core marketing terminologies are explained and cases of analytics application in retail are also discussed. Learners can learn two main data modelling approaches of the course that are frequently used in marketing – RFM Analysis and KNIME – in order to collect data like purchase recency, frequency, and total amount spent on a purchase. By the end of the course, learners can easily adopt retail analytics into their business after thoroughly understanding about essential business insights and customer demands
  • Certificate availability: Certification of Completion 
  • Other requirements: No 
  • Access to the Course: Market and Retail Analytics

4. Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis  

Retail Analytics Course: Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis
  • Course type: Udemy’s online course 
  • Cost: $16.99-$84.99 (depend on occasional discounts) 
  • Level: Beginner – Intermediate 
  • Duration: 3 hours and 41 minutes 
  • Course Description: The speaker of the course is Ian Littlejohn – an international trainer, consultant and data analyst specializing teaching data analysis, Pivot, Microsoft Power BI, and Amazon Quicksight. In Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis, learners can learn how to apply different data analysing methods and turn them into insights and intelligence. Some methods mentioned are: Key Metric, Comparison Analysis, Variance Analysis, and so on. To add up, learners also study the importance of the form of analysis and how to perform analysis on Excel. Ian also stresses on the ability of asking questions about data, making it an income stream, better decision making and productivity. The practice of the course will be performed mostly on Excel in Office 365, but versions of 2013, 2016, and 2019 are still compatible. The course is designed specifically for Business people, Excel users, and students who share the same interest in data analysis. 
  • Certificate availability: Certificate of Completion.
  • Other requirements: Learners must have basic understanding of Excel; Excel (from 2010 version and above) Excel Power Pivot, Power View are already equipped on Windows-running laptops and/or PCs. 
  • Access to the Course: Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis

5. Retail for Business Analysts and Management Consultants

Retail Analytics Courses: Retail for Business Analysts and Management Consultants
Retail Analytics Courses: Retail for Business Analysts and Management Consultants
  • Course type: Udemy’s online course 
  • Cost: $16.99-$84.99 (depend on occasional discounts) 
  • Level: Intermediate-Advanced 
  • Duration: 6 hours and 9 minutes 
  • Course Description: Retail for Business Analysts and Management Consultants is created by Asen Gyczew – a 15-year-in-experience consultant working in home improvements, pharmaceuticals, vending, kids products, and so on. The course is created to help people who are struggling in achieving broader knowledge of retail industry and dealing with details of any certain aspect. Additionally, it is best for those who work in retail, such as Management Consultant, Business Analyst, Controllers, etc. He expects the course will help learners to lessen the gap, recognize the elements of business, and eventually can transform them into a retail expert. Not only that, this course can elevate one’s job opportunities in retail after finishing the course. From this course, learners shall go through step-by-step-guides, filled with analyses, tips, and tricks for improvement from the speaker. There are 6 skills that learners are expected to achieve and questions are appreciated. 
  • Certificate availability: Certification of Completion 
  • Other requirements: Learners should have basic knowledge of economics and/or finance; basic to intermediate Excel skills. 
  • Access to the Course: Retail for Business Analysts and Management Consultants

6. Marketing Analytics and Retail Business Management

Retail Analytics Courses: Marketing Analytics and Retail Business Management
Retail Analytics Courses: Marketing Analytics and Retail Business Management
  • Course type: Udemy’s Online Course 
  • Cost: $16.99-$29.99 (depend on occasional discounts) 
  • Level: Beginner 
  • Duration: 11 hours and 11 minutes 
  • Course Description: For those who are eager to learn about Marketing Analytics and Retail Business Management, this is the course that worth spending for. Anyone who is curious enough about the analytics can subscribe to the course. The course teaches learners about different forecasting models, conducting market research, RFM analysis, using Excel to portray those said models, and understanding customers’ value. When learners finish the course, they are expected to be capable of utilizing those skills for the means of profit and sale maximization, better money spending on acquiring more customers and more effective marketing analytics strategies. This is one of the courses that highly focus on retail analytics, so that you could learn
  • Certificate availability: Verifiable Certificate of Completion 
  • Other requirements: a PC/ Laptop equipped with Excel, basic understanding of Excel function. 
  • Access to the Course: Marketing Analytics and Retail Business Management

7. Introduction to Business Analytics 2023

Retail Analytics Courses: Introduction to Business Analytics 2023
Retail Analytics Courses: Introduction to Business Analytics 2023
  • Course type: Udemy’s online course 
  • Cost: Cost: $16.99-$84.99 (depend on occasional discounts) 
  • Level: Beginner 
  • Duration: 4 hours and 45 minutes 
  • Course Description: Introduction to Business Analytics is designed for those who strive for a position in Business; those who are already in the industry but want to explore more about business analytics in general; and those who are in manager position of certain enterprises. By joining the course, learners can acquire knowledge of business analytics skills. Several skills worth to be mentioned are stakeholder mapping, end-to-end process mapping, end-to-end processes in corporation, internal and external benchmarking, analytics project management, and many more. All of this will be taught by Randy Rossel, a business controller, а senior manager of planning and consolidation, an associate director of planning and performance management that has been working in Coca-Cola ecosystem for more than 16 years. While attending the course, learners gain access to iota of learning material, ranging from structured training to exercises and future courses update. 
  • Certificate availability: Certification of Completion 
  • Other requirements: No 
  • Access to the Course: Introduction to Business Analytics 2023

8. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate 

Retail Analytics Courses: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
Retail Analytics Courses: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  • Course type: Coursera’s Professional Certificates (Multicourse online training program with hand-on projects provided by cooperations) 
  • Cost: $14/month (Available 7-day free trial before payment and financial aid) 
  • Level: Beginner  
  • Duration: Approximately 240 hours 
  • Course Description: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is a professional data analytics training program designed by Google and collaboratively taught on Coursera platform. Whoever attend the course, whether unexperienced or intended to invest in a new field, are welcomed to attend the course. By attending it, learners are expected to achieve in-demand skills for entry-level jobs through the set of 8 courses spanning in 6 months. Some to name are extensive understanding of data analytics’ practices and processes, key analytical skills and tools (data cleaning, analysis, spreadsheet, SQL, Tableau, etc.), data visualization, and clean data organization. Besides, the program also equips assessments that help learners to familiarize with real-world scenario that might occur in work. The content is developed by experienced Google employee in data analytics. After finishing the program, it is expected that learners will gain problem solving skill, critical thinking, data visualization, and possibly a entry-level in the field of data analytics.  
  • Certificate availability: Shareable Certification of Completion 
  • Other requirements: No 
  • Access to the Course: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

9. Business Analytics Specialization

Retail Analytics Courses: Business Analytics Specialization
Retail Analytics Courses: Business Analytics Specialization
  • Course type: Coursera’s Specialization (Multicourse program with hand-on project to master a skill) 
  • Cost: $79/month (Available 7-day free trial before payment and financial aid) 
  • Level: Beginner 
  • Duration: Approximately 72 hours 
  • Course Description: Under the instruction of University of Pennsylvania’s prominent Marketing professors, those who have no prior analytics experience or have expertise in business can get introduction to big data analysis. Learning the courses, attendees will gain knowledge of how data analysts “describe, predict, and inform business decisions in the specific areas of marketing, human resources, finance, and operations”. After that, learners can develop their own understanding and mindset about data, which enhances decision-making skills. Hands-on project of the course is filled with simulating business problems for which learners apply what they learn and solve them. At the final of the project, students are able to “interpret a real-world data set and make appropriate business strategy recommendations”. It is also expected that certain skills will be achieved such as customer analytics, business analytics, predictive analytics, and marketing performance measurement and management. 
  • Certificate availability: Shareable Certification of Completion 
  • Other requirements: No
  • Access to the Course:  Business Analytics Specialization

10. Advanced Business Analytics Specialization  

Retail Analytics Courses:: Advanced Business Analytics Specialization
Retail Analytics Courses:: Advanced Business Analytics Specialization
  • Course type: Coursera’s Specialization (Multicourse program with hand-on project to master a skill) 
  • Cost: $49/month (Available 7-day free trial and financial aid) 
  • Level: Intermediate 
  • Duration: Approximately 60 hours 
  • Course Description: Advanced Business Analytics Specialization is offered by University of Colorado Boulder and instructed by David Torgerson, Dan Zhang, and Manuel Laguna. By attending the course, learners have opportunities to use acquired data analytics skills to develop business and accelerate profit. Other certain skills can be used for executing 4 stages of data analytics, namely data analysis, data visualization, SQL, data quality, and so on. The skills acquired will be applied to business problems and data sets in practice session. Basic Excel and Analytic Solver Platform are two main tools for most of the steps, from building conceptual model and simple database to develop model, interpret software output and data extraction for the result presentation. In today’s competitive business environment, decision makers face complex problems. Gain a distinct competitive advantage by using data to explain a company’s performance, evaluate different courses of action, and apply a structured approach to business problem-solving. The course is estimated to complete in the span of 5 months, with the rate of 3 hour/ week. Of all retail analytics courses mentioned above, this course is the most difficult and advanced.
  • Certificate availability: Shareable Certification of Completion 
  • Other requirements: No
  • Access to the Course:  Advanced Business Analytics Specialization

Top 10 Retail Analytics Reports That You Don’t Want To Miss

Beside retail analytics courses and books, we suggest you should consider reports a source of learning. In this section, we would like to divide in two main categories, one discussing current factors of retail data analytics, while the other contain predictions to the market of retailing 

1. Retail Analytics: Driving Success in Retail Industry With Business Analytics

  • Author: Sudeep B. Chandramana – Assistant Professor, Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies Tiruvalla, (MACFAST), Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India 
  • Year of publication: 2017 
  • Main content: As the competitiveness in retail market tremendously risen, it is critical to manage and channelize data for customer’s satisfaction and profit gain. Throughout this research, readers shall know the history of retail industry and how businesses are applying analytics in making marketing strategies. 
  • Access to the report: Retail Analytics: Driving Success in Retail Industry with Business Analytics 

2. Using Big Data Analytics To Combat Retail Fraud

  • Author: Danni Zhang, Steffen Bayer, Gary Willis, Gina Frei, Enrico Gerding, Pk Senyo 
  • Year of publication: 2022 
  • Main content: Fraudulent returns are nightmare for most retailers as they can cause great loss to the business. This paper is the work of cooperation on identifying what factors cause customers to return fraudulent products, gaining insight on fraud prevention, developing fraudulent returns forecasting system and implicating system on reducing fraudulent returns and related financial impacts. Therefore, retailers can make more cost-effective evaluations and fraud prevention methods. 
  • Access to the report: Using Big Data Analytics to Combat Retail Fraud 
Top 10 Retail Analytics Reports That You Don’t Want To Miss
Retail Analytics Reports That You Don’t Want To Miss

3. Predictive Big Data Analytics For Supply Chain Demand Forecasting: Methods, Applications and Research Opportunities

  • Author: Mahya Seyedan & Fereshteh Mafakheri 
  • Year of publication: 2020 
  • Main content: Predictive analytics is said to be the most impactful step in big data analysis, and this report has proven it right. The process mainly contains investigating the predictive big data analytics application in supply chain and providing insight for further research. This survey also indicates that the literature on the applications of BDA for demand forecasting in the case of closed-loop supply chains (CLSCs) is particularly lacking, highlighting avenues for future research. 
  • Access to the report: Predictive big data analytics for supply chain demand forecasting: methods, applications, and research opportunities 

4. Big Data Analytics in Retail

  • Author: Shubham Lekhwar, Shweta Yadav & Archana Singh 
  • Year of publication: 2017 
  • Main content: The primary goal of this paper is to investigate the application and benefits of big data analytics in the retail industry, as well as to investigate the opportunities and possibilities ushered in by big data in the retail industry. The study is descriptive and qualitative in nature because it is based on secondary data from various sources. The paper also discusses various challenges and issues that the retail industry as a whole is dealing with. Finally, the paper discusses potential solutions to these challenges and issues, as well as how retail can begin a big data project and effectively use big data to increase customer involvement and improve bottom line. 
  • Access to the report: Big Data Analytics in Retail 

5. Influence Of Technological Advances And Change In Marketing Strategies Using Analytics In Retail Industry 

  • Author: Jasmine Kaur, Vernika Arora & Shivani Bali 
  • Year of publication: 2022 
  • Main content: It has been observed how combination of technologies along with analytical concepts of video analytics, social media analytics, wireless analytics and smart vision systems on marketing concepts like market basket model, value-based customer segmentation, campaign planning, etc. can impact the customer satisfaction and reduce the customer churn rate. The aim of this paper is to understand the advancements in technology along with the impact of data analytics in the retail sector and to capture and retain maximum customers by conceptualizing effective merchandising and marketing strategies. 
  • Access to the report: Influence of technological advances and change in marketing strategies using analytics in retail industry 

6. The Future of Retailing

  • Author: Dhruv Grewal, Anne L.Roggeveen, JensNordfältb 
  • Year of publication: 2017 
  • Main content: The collaborative research paper focuses on 5 keys areas of: tools and technology for decision making; visual display and merchandise offer decisions; consumption and engagement; big data collection and usage; analytics and profitability. What also suggested are introduction of emerging applicability of certain areas, Internet of things, augmented reality, and so on. 
  • Access to the report: The Future of Retailing  

7. Retail Analytics Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2015 – 2026

  • Year of publication: 2021 
  • Main content: It is not hard to see that the retail industry has undergone massive transformation with the use of high-grade analytics and big data technologies. Especially in the boom of e-commerce, retailers make use of big data analysis to compete each other on the market. In this report conducted from data of operations, readers shall grasp a look at key market trends that may roam the market in next 5 years, as well as a look back how competitive the retail market was, is, and will be in the near future. 
  • Access to the report: Retail Analytics Market : Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunitiy and Forecast 2015-2026 

8. How Analytics And Digital Will Drive Next Generation Retail Merchandising 

  • Author: Steven Begley, Rich Fox, Gautam Lunawat, and Ian MacKenzie 
  • Year of publication: 2018 
  • Main content: As retail merchandising evolves with the integration of analytics and other digital solutions, merchants must become much more agile and ready to meet customer needs. In this report, certain aspects will be discussed, such as supporting future merchants, essence of customer-focused approaches, improvement on technology, and search for organizational success on bigger scale. 
  • Access to the report: How Analytics and Digital will drive next generation retail merchandising
  • Author: Ian Geddes, Oliver Vernon-Harcourt, Dr. Bryn Walton 
  • Year of publication: 2022 
  • Main content: The vision of the world at the beginning of 2022 could have not been more dystopian. Fuel price skyrocketed and deprived, rapid inflation kept occurring, supply chain got impacted by Russian-Ukranian military conflict. Yet, the sector still expects for new changes and improvement in the future. The report ends with 6 main trends to look throughout the year 2022, from potential of Generation Z to diversification of business, as well as possible priorities for retailers.  
  • Access to the report: Retail Trends 2022 

10. Forecasting sales in the supply chain: Consumer analytics in the big data era 

  • Author: Tonya Boone, Ram Ganeshan, Aditya Jain, Nada R.Sanders Year of publication: 2021 
  • Main content: Forecasts have traditionally been used to plan and execute supply chain activities. Now they are increasingly important as customer expectations rise, lead times shorten, and scarce resources must be managed. Over the last ten years, advances in technology and data collection systems have resulted in the rapid generation of massive amounts of data on a wide range of topics. This report shall examine the impact of the data explosion on product forecasting and how it is improving it. Also, we look at how such data can be used to gain insights into consumer behaviours, as well as the impact such data has on organizational forecasting. 
  • Access to the report: Forecasting sales in the supply chain: Consumer analytics in the big data era

Key Takeaways

There are many resources available on and off the Internet to help you learn retail analytics, such as courses, books and reports aforementioned. Whether you are still in college and learning the jobs, or you are currently a retailer who wants to adopt retail analytics into your business for better decision making, we hope we got you covered through this article.

If you have any other questions or concerns on the subject, please contact us anytime and our subject matter experts could give you consultation about retail analytics and how you could make the most out of it for your business.

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I am a content planner & writer with more than 2 years of experience in Tech. Writing mostly about Data Analytics, AI, Digital Transformation and Blockchain, I consider myself an aspiring and passionate content writer/editor who enjoys learning new technologies and introducing them to others through easy-to-read texts!

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blockchain companies in vietnam

20+ Vietnamese Blockchain Leaders: Partners for Business Success 

In Vietnam, blockchain adoption is predicted to increase significantly, with an expected...
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Smart Contract Audit Companies

Top 14 Smart Contract Audit Companies for Better Security & Code

Auditing your smart contracts can keep them safe and sound from exploitation...
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Real Estate Tokenization Development

Real Estate Tokenization Development: Things To Know

The real estate industry has been significantly transformed by blockchain technology, allowing...
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Smart Contracts Development Companies

Finding the Top 15 Smart Contracts Development Companies  

Despite minimizing the downsides of traditional contracts, smart contracts themselves have one...
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Dubai Software Development Company

15 Best Software Development Companies in Dubai & UAE to Work With

A competent, powerful software development partner is what companies are actively looking...
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IT company in dubai

12 Handpicked IT Companies in Dubai & UAE (Updated 2024)

Being a hot spot for technology in the Middle East and North...
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Asset Tokenization Platforms

15+ Best Asset Tokenization Platforms for Businesses in 2024

The financial world is rapidly changing, thanks to blockchain technology. One of...
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smart contract audit tools

15 Free & Paid Smart Contract Audit Tools on GitHub

A comprehensive audit before launching or execution will secure your smart contract...
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asset tokenization

How Asset Tokenization Can Transform Your Business?

Imagine a world where physical and digital assets, from stocks and real...
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blockchain company in singapore

Top 15+ Singaporean Blockchain Players in 2024 

Blockchain technology has revolutionized various industries by enhancing their efficiency, security, and...
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smart contract audit

Smart Contracts Audit: Why You Need It, Steps & Costs

Once executed, smart contracts will be challenging to modify. An audit, during...
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Smart Contract Platforms

Top 15 Smart Contract Platforms: Layer-1, Layer-2, Open-source

Ethereum isn’t the only smart contracts platform that you can use. With...
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blockchain company in india

Embrace the Future with the Top 15 Blockchain Companies in India

Blockchain technology has disrupted many industries, and the demand for proficient blockchain...
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white label nft marketplace

White Label NFT Marketplace – A Full Guide for Businesses

In today's digital scene, NFTs are taking the spotlight, promising exciting opportunities...
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how to create a smart contract

Cost & How to Create Smart Contract on Ethereum, Binance & Polygon

We learned that a few pictures and code snippets might not be...
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smart contracts use cases

14 Smart Contracts Use Cases & Real Examples Across Industries

As blockchain continues to gain attraction, smart contracts—a by-product of this emerging...
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blockchain real estate companies

Top 20 Blockchain Real Estate Companies Dominating the Industry

In 2024, the real estate industry is transforming thanks to blockchain technology....
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What are smart contracts

What are Smart Contracts: Types, Good & Bad, Use Cases

Promised to replace paper-based and e-contract, a new concept that is run...
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smart contracts vs traditional contracts

Smart contracts vs Traditional contracts: The Right Way for Business

While traditional contracts have been the backbone of our economy for centuries,...
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defi platforms

Forget Wall Street! Explore 15+ Largest DeFi Platforms in 2024

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been gaining traction among institutional investors who are...
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6 Steps to Create an Impressive Investment Proposal for Your Fintech Startup

Landing the right investment can be a make-or-break moment for any fintech...
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hr small business software

Best HR Software for Small Business: Free, Low-cost & Effective 

HRM software, focusing on automation and strategic resources planning, has become vital...
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microsoft hrm software

No more Manual HR for SaaS in 8 Weeks: From Low-tech to High Efficiency

Table of Contents[Open][Close]Project SummaryBeing “Low-tech” Destroyed HR ExperiencesWhy Synodus and Low-code?The Finished...
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microsoft task management system

10 weeks – 30% timesaving – 25% performance waves: Airlines revision 

Table of Contents[Open][Close]Project SummaryMeet Bamboo AirwaysManaging 2000 Employees is not an Easy...
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Top 10+ Leading IT Consulting Companies in Singapore

Singapore has long been recognized as a global technology and innovation hub,...
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10+ Best DeFi Development Companies in 2024

DeFi, or decentralized finance, is becoming increasingly popular in the finance industry...
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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Collected Reviews From Users (Pros & Cons)

A deep dive into the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365. With so...
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9 Alternative Funding Options for FinTech Startups  

Securing funding is crucial for any startup, but for fintech ventures in...
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Microsoft Power Platform Review: What People Said About It (Pros & Cons)

Being voted as the leader in low-code development by Gartner, what makes the...
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Fintech App: The Ultimate Guide for Developers

Fintech applications have become an essential part of modern businesses, providing convenient...
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Top Countries for Software Outsourcing: With Statistics & Reviews

In 2022, Deloitte reported that 75% of surveyed US businesses outsourced at...
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Top 10 Reputable IT Companies in Singapore [Updated 2024]

Singapore is known as a global hub for tech innovation in Southeast...
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13+ Common Mistakes to Avoid When Fundraising for Fintech Startups

Fundraising is a critical step in the journey of any startup, especially...
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The Future Of Asset Tokenization: Here’s What You Can Expect

If you're here, you probably have an idea of what asset tokenization...
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Is Development Velocity Reliable? How To Measure & Optimize It 

One way to measure your developer's performance is through development velocity. How...
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14+ Problems in Fintech App You Should Watch Out

Fintech, short for financial technology, is a swiftly advancing sector dedicated to...
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A Guide On Regulatory Landscape for Real Estate Tokenization

Table of Contents[Open][Close]Disclaimer on Why You Need to Read this ArticleMajor Regulatory...
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Speed Up Software Development & Reduce Wasted Time (+ Examples) 

It typically takes a few months to modify a medium-sized system and...
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Accelerating Data Preparation Speed For Organizational Impact For A Leading Commercial Bank In Viet Nam

Discover how Synodus support the largest Vietnamese commercial bank to boost its organizational effectivenes by speeding up the data preparation by 25%.
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Legacy Modernization: Strategy, Steps & Cost – Upgrade or Replace 

One day, the software you've been using (for many years) starts to...
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13+ Best Fintech App Development Companies in 2024

The global popularity of FinTech apps is on the rise, thanks to...
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Shadow IT: Pros & Cons, How to Detect, Control & Build a Policy  

Every workplace encourages their employees to leverage digital tools in daily task....
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Blockchain Real Estate Use Cases Revealed: Insights for Tech Investors

Blockchain has garnered significant attention in recent years, with its adoption across...
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How To Hire Fintech App Developers in 7 Steps

FinTech is a blend of finance and technology. Nowadays, many finance companies...
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Best 12+ Real Estate Tokenization Platforms Revealed

Real estate tokenization has been talk of the town recently. Discover 12+...
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Synodus 5th anniversary

Celebrating Synodus 5th Anniversary: Onward And Upward 

A trip back through our last 5 years of success and Onto the promising future of bringing the result-driven tech solutions!
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Fintech Super Apps: Exploring Features, Benefits, and Trends

As more people use mobile devices, the demand for apps is growing....
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Discover 15+ Best Fintech App Security Solutions in 2024

Fintech app security has emerged as a critical concern for financial institutions...
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A Realistic Real Estate Tokenization Case Study: From Bricks To Bits

How we crafted a Real Estate Tokenization Solution for an established name in Vietnam, helping them attain their leading position.
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60% Cost Savings Secret of a UNESCO Gem (eTicketing Revealed)

Ticket Trouble Solved. UNESCO Gem Thrives with Synodus' Digital Upgrade. Learn more about their successful story now!
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Changing The Face of an Outdated Securities Brand into Seamless Experiences

Transforming a complex legacy system into a high-performing solution that retains a renowned brand position and moves them forwards.
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Cloud-based Engine Powered the Debut of Digital Banking PaaS For SME

With the use of Microservices and API, we crafted a comprehensive Digital Banking for our client to attract a promising and niche market.
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On Attaining A Remarkable 108% Increase In Sales With Strategic MIS Implementation

Discover how Synodus support a top-tier Vietnam restaurant chain in achieving a remarkable 108% surge in sales through strategic MIS Implementation.
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How To Create a Fintech App In 6 Easy Steps

The question "How to Create a Fintech App" may be a challenging...
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Top 15+ Best Fintech Apps You Must Check Out In 2024

Are you currently operating a fintech business or considering the launch of...
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On Achieving A 167% Surge In Website Engagement Rates With A Recommendation System

The story of how a renowned digital media company could increase their website engagement rates by 167% while cooperating with Synodus to build a recommendation system.
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Data to Dollars: Aircraft Leasing Giant Soars with Enhanced Performance

Discover how an Aircraft Giant achieved remarkable results with Synodus's Power BI implementation. Let's help you achieve remarkable results too.
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Behind DeFi For You’s P2P Lending Platform: How a 20-member Team Worked Together

On how we worked with a Blockchain startup to bring their P2P Lending product into reality and nurtured a long-term partnership.
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Error-free Customer Scoring Helps Jet Lessor Stay Above Sky High

Our client, a Fortune 500 player in aircraft equipment leasing, successfully hallmarked...
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How We Saved Up 30% of Development Cost for A RegTech Startup

With an open approach to design & development, we helped a startup craft a cost-effective, high-quality KYC/AML solution.
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Reaching 3 Million Users: An e-Wallet Startup Venture

How we worked with a Fintech Startup to bring their e-wallet for e-money and crypto transactions to life with 3 million users.
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11 Convincing Strategies To Reduce Software Development Cost

Custom software development offers numerous advantages, yet the high cost often deters...
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10 Common Challenges of Data Visualization & Their Solutions

Data visualization is the graphical representation of data to communicate complex information...
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Best 12+ Real Estate Tokenization Companies With Proven Track Record

With the advent of blockchain technology, real estate investors now have the...
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IT Outsourcing Models: Comparing How Each Impact Outcomes

IT Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular among tech-savvy businesses, as the market...
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Berge Bulk Customer Stories

On maintaining reporting system and process requests on demand

Berge Bulk is a leading dry bulk shipping company with a young and dynamic fleet of over 80 vessels
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Diagnostic Analytics: Everything You Need to Know

Determining the underlying factors behind patterns and occurrences is crucial for the...
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Mastering Data Visualization: 15+ Graphs, Charts And Beyond

In today's digital age, there is an abundance of information readily available....
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6 Reasons Why Your Low-code Project Fails & Tips To Solve Them 

Low-code solutions have been developing rapidly, and organizations are utilizing them to...
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How To Choose The Right Software Development Company: Tips & Steps

A proper guide on how to choose a software development company that...
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Transforming Fashion Brands with the Power of Data Analytics

Fashion Analytics - where data meets style, empowering brands to combine numbers...
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Vendor Lock-in: How to Avoid, To Solve & Is it always Bad?

Vendor lock-in might be a burden to clients if they don’t know...
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Discover the 12 Best Play-to-Earn NFT Games of 2024

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of play-to-earn gaming with the best...
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Using Low-code For IoT Development: Opportunity & Barriers

IoT (Internet-of-Things) development is highly collaborative, vast, and data-rich. Yet, there are...
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Using Rapid Application Development With Low-code: Hit or Miss? 

Speed is key in this world of digital transformation. Businesses have been...
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17 Popular Data Visualization Techniques for All Data Kinds (Examples included) 

Data visualization techniques are essential for businesses to effectively convey information in...
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create nft marketplace wordpress

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Own WordPress NFT Marketplace Website (+ 5 steps)

The NFT industry is unquestionably expanding, and creating your own website for...
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saas vs custom development

SaaS Vs Custom Software Development: Harnessing The Right Power

Digital transformation usually sounds significant, but it’s actually a lot like looking...
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NFT Game Development Company

Best NFT Game Development Companies In 2024 [List Included]

Look no further! We've compiled the list of best NFT Game Development...
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Top 20+ NFT Marketplaces Comparison & Review 2024 

Owning pieces of art, music, films, and other online items by using...
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what is nft marketplace

What Is NFT Marketplace? Making Sense Of The NFT World

Following in the footsteps of bitcoin as the center of digital currency,...
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custom software examples

10 Real-life Successful Examples Of Custom Software Development 

“Software development is lengthy and complicated. Can we be sure that it...
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Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive Analytics: What Is It & Why Retailers Need This?  

By finding patterns and trends in massive volumes of data, business analytics...
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Look Into 4 Retail Analytics Types For Retail Success In 2024 

Retailers now have access to massive amounts of data from various sources,...
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Custom software development

Encyclopedia Of Custom Software Development: Types, Process & Tips

When it comes to digital transformation, we used to think about purchasing...
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Decoding The Contrast Between Custom Software vs Off-the-shelf

On average, an employee will use at least 5 to 10 applications...
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in-house vs outsourcing software development

In-house vs Outsourcing Software Development: Best Guide For 2024

Probably another outsource company that tells you in-house is bad or not...
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package software and custom software

How Custom Software Stack Up Against Packaged Software: Key Differences

We are all familiar with Microsoft Office, a family of office applications...
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web design process

6 Phases Of The Web Design Process

In the digital world, the modern web design process is where technology,...
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Unlock Success: 10 Essential Steps in the Web Development Process

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a well-structured web development process is the...
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web development trends

Top 8 Key Web Development Trends to Embrace

In the rapidly evolving world of web development, staying up-to-date with the...
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5 Dynamic Data Visualization Trends For 2024 And Beyond

From the straightforward charts to the dynamic, captivating images, data visualization techniques...
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Exploring Data Analysis Case Study: Use Cases Across 8 Diverse Industries

Data science is a dynamic field, constantly evolving with the promise of...
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web application development process

Mastering Web Application Development: 8 Key Stages for A Comprehensive Process

The web application development process is a journey that transforms ideas into...
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Data Visualization Best Practices

Data Visualization Best Practices For Clear, Impactful Visuals 

Data visualization is more than graphs or charts; it is also about...
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low code roi

How To Calculate the ROI Of Low-code (With Platform Comparison)

Low-code platforms are gaining traction, celebrated for their promise to streamline business...
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data visualization book

Top 20+ Data Visualization Books Recommended For Beginners and PROs

In the digital era, how to express insights from complicated information become...
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Low Code Test Automation Tools

Find Bugs in a Minute with 14 Low-code Test Automation Tools

In software development, to ensure your application performance and deployment capabilities, testing...
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low code development companies in vietnam

5 Top-notch Low-code Development Companies in Vietnam

Low-code is roaming globally, and the tech market in Vietnam, like the...
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low code on premise

7 Top Choices Of Low-code Platforms For On-premises Application

Despite the growth of cloud-based or hybrid systems, on-premises is still relevant...
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low code security

5 Potential Security Risks of Low-code & How To Address Them

A notorious shortcoming of low code is its security. Learn about the cause and typical concerns regarding low code security and how to tackle them.
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low code blockchain

The Good & Bad Of Using Low-code Blockchain Development 

Two most anticipated technologies in recent years, with a rising percentage of...
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The Future Of Data Visualization: 7 Predictions For 2023 And More

The Future Of Data Visualization: 7 Predictions For 2024 And More

Making sense of the tremendous amount of information in today's data-driven society...
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low code governance

4 Step To Set Up Low-code Governance That Kills Shadow IT 

Learn how low code governance grows into a necessity for business in managing and deploying low code, how to set it up, and what to watch out for when choosing one.
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low code devops

How Low-code and DevOps Blend Together: Use Cases & Strategies  

Why implementing Low Code into DevOps can be advantageous for your business. Learn through the real-life use cases and strategies about this fusion.
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A Guiding Light To Leverage Salesforce Low-code Platform 

Explore Salesforce Lightning: the innovative low code platform transforming business processes and boosting productivity
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Creatio Studio Low code

Review Of Creatio: The Niche Player In Low-code For CRM 

Creatio Studio is commonly used for low-code development. Learn about its features, pricing, and best use cases for optimized business deals
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ai tools for developers

15 AI Tools for Developers That Improve Productivity Instantly 

List of top high-performing AI tools for developers to enhance code quality and shorten software development and testing process
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low code for public sector

How Low-code Empower Public Sector To Fight Low-tech  

Explore how low code empowers public sectors to innovate, streamline operations, and enhance citizen engagement in the digital age.
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supply chain low code

How Low-code Fits Supply Chain: Benefit, Use Cases & Top Platforms 

How using low code for supply chain and logistic industry can improve performance & operation efficiently with recommended platforms.
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low code chatbot development platform

10 Low-code Chatbot Platforms That Modify Customer Services 

Low code chatbot can level up your company performance while relieving the burden of lengthy development. Here’s the top platforms to use.
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low code application development

Low-code Platform For Application Development: Win Or Lose? 

Learn the gain and pain, the process of using low code for application development. We also suggest these 5 tools to use
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How Much Does Low-code Development Cost?

Low-code is a technology in which applications are created using visual tools...
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Low Code Web App Builder

Top 10 Low-code Web App Builder to Replace Traditional Coding

Explore top open-source and free low code web app builders for effective, efficient low code web application development
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Low Code Website Builder

Top 10 Low-code Website Builders Review (Pricing + Features)

Wix, Shopify, or Weebly. You might hear of them or intend to...
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low code data science

Low-code Data Science: When Data & Rapid Development Align 

Low Code and Data Science can be applied altogether for in-depth analysis, seamless data science deployment and impactful extraction of information.
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Seamlessly Connect Systems With These 9 Low-code API Builders

Explore top low code API builders enhancing API development and integration, enabling swift and efficient REST API creation.
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retail customer analytics

Customer Analytics In Retail: Understand To Serve Better

Customer analytics is a must if retailers want to serve their shoppers better. Discover more about customer analytics, and how to effectively apply it in retail
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prescriptive retail analytics

6 Use Cases Of Prescriptive Retail Analytics (Examples Included)

Retail analytics offers a data-driven approach to decision-making in an industry that...
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Predictive Analytics In Retail

10 Ways To Apply Predictive Analytics In Retail

The retail sector is undergoing a revolution thanks to the appearance of...
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Retail Analytics Challenges

7 Retail Analytics Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Retail analytics has become such a powerful tool for retailers to understand...
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low code cloud

Low-code For Cloud Development: Can They Go Hand-In-Hand? 

As the cloud world is transitioning, learn the difference between using low code cloud development and traditional cloud, how to utilize it, and top platforms to use.
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low code database

8 Low-code Database For Logical Management & Analytics

The top low code database platforms to use for data management, integration and development. Learn about their prices and main features.
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low code digital transformation

5 Ways Low-code Disrupts Digital Transformation & What You Can Learn

Discover how low code digital transformation elevates businesses, what it did and did not surpass the customary way, and platforms that you might consider for your business’ further upgrade.
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low code saas

Low Code For SaaS Development: Use Cases & Top Platforms 

Explore Low Code for SaaS development: its advantages, successful stories, top platforms, challenges, and steps to build your own SaaS.
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low code internal tools

9 Low-code Internal Tools To Step Up Your Performance

Explore the best low code internal tools builders to optimize your operation and management with robust application with a few clicks.
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Vide Analytics In Retail -The Most Comprehensive Guide

Video Analytics In Retail: The Most Comprehensive Guide

Video analytics has revolutionized how businesses operate in retail sector. Retailers now...
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9 Representative Retail Data Analytics Use Cases & Examples

9 Representative Retail Data Analytics Use Cases & Examples

Success in the rapidly evolving digital era undoubtedly depends on data-driven research,...
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Retail Analytics Framework

4 Major Areas Of Retail Analytics Framework That You Must Notice

Retailers and businesses should rely heavily on data-driven customer information in order...
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Best Retail Analytics Software & Tools

Best Retail Analytics Software & Tools To Use In 2024 (Updated)

The future of retail lies in the hand of data analytics software...
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low code bpm

Low-code and BPM: How to Combine & Top Platforms

You should know low code BPM platforms with their helpful key features and how to run it smoothly for your business.
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bpm vs low code

BPM vs Low-code: Which Is Superior For Digital Transformation?

Getting to know more about the difference between BPM vs Low-code. How can they work together to improve digital transformation.
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low code etl

What Is Low-code ETL & How Does It Replace Manual ETL?

What is low code ETL and how different is it from manual ETL? Learn about its benefits and the suitable platform for different usage.
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low code data integration

Centralize Everything With Low-code Data Integration: Top 5 Tools

Discover the capabilities of low code data integration, its features, competence against opponents, and the top platform to choose.
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power apps low code

An Honest Review of Microsoft Power Apps Low-code

Discover how Microsoft Power Apps low code approach transforms businesses across industries, driving digital transformation and boosting efficiency.
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it outsourcing risks

12 IT Outsourcing Risks and Ways to Manage Them 

Learn the IT Outsourcing risks and challenges. 12 ways to prevent and mitigate the effect of it for better partnership and development.
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low code crm

Why Low-code CRM Is A Better Alternative For Growth & Retention

Discover the benefits of low-code CRM platforms, how they transform businesses, potential obstacles, and best practices for success.
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low code developer salary

Comparison of Low-code Developer Salary Between Countries

Discover the low code developer salary, essential skills to look for, where to hire them and why they are in high demand.
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blockchain development companies in usa

Top 15 Blockchain Development Companies In the USA

This article explores the top 15 blockchain development companies in the USA (using 8 factors) and the benefits of outsourcing to Vietnam.
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10 Best-to-use Low-code AI Platforms For Automation & Analytics

Low code AI is a considerable solution for any business that wants to create functional process automation and good analytics in a short time.
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low code development companies in asia

Curated List of Best 8 Low-code Development Companies In Asia

Discover the top low code development companies in Asia and what set them apart from their peers in other regions in the world.
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Is Low code Development the future? What to prepare for?

Is Low-code Development The Future? What To Prepare For?  

Is Low Code the future? Learn how to leverage this emerging technology to open your opportunities as a business and developer.
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Native vs Hybrid vs Cross-Platform

Native vs Hybrid vs Cross-Platform: The Three-Way Crossroads 

What to choose: Native vs Hybrid vs Cross-Platform for your product and software development? Learn more with our deep analysis and comparison
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fixed price vs time and materials

Fixed Price vs Time and Materials: Which Is Best for Your Budget?

Analyzing how fixed price vs time and materials could fit your firm, avoid cost overrun and underperformed results with our comparison.
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fintech trends

12 Emerging Fintech Trends That Shape 2024 & The Future (+ Statistic) 

Learn the global fintech trends of 2023 and upcoming years with detailed analysis and statistics to bulletproof your business into the future.
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Popular NFT Use Cases In 8 Different Indutries To Follow

Popular NFT Use Cases In 8 Different Industries To Follow

We all know that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digitalized assets being stored...
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outsourcing blockchain development

Outsourcing Blockchain Development Services: 2024 Guide

This comprehensive article will guide you through how to outsource blockchain development with ease. We provide you with tips and even pitfalls to avoid when outsourcing.
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decentralized nft marketplace

Best 15+ Decentralized NFT Marketplaces To Check On 2024

Please glance through a list of potential decentralized NFT Marketplaces before making any investments in NFTs, as it really helps to make better investing decisions.
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nft use cases in financial services

Essential NFT Use Cases In Financial Services You Should Know

Besides a wide range of possible uses of digital art and sports memorabilia, NFT technology may be used for financing purposes, including NFT-backed loans, insurance, investments, right ownership, debt management, etc. Let’s figure out the NFT use cases in financial services in this article.
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dynamic nft

Dynamic NFTs: A Full Guide For Everything You Need To Know

The application cases and functionality of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have expanded along with their popularity. And the brand-new type dynamic NFTs are also gaining much attention because they can alter over time while many other NFTs are static. Let’s discover every aspect of the dynamic NFTs through the post below.
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The Future of NFTs – What Is Waiting for Us in 2024? 

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) have unlimited possibilities, which lead to multiple outcomes ahead. Do you wonder what the future holds for NFTs?
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low code development companies in europe

8 Low-code Development Companies In Europe To Work With

Detailed review of the top low-code development companies in EU on their hourly rate, low-code services and industry-focus.
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low code agile

Low-code & Agile Development: A Match Made In Heaven 

Discover how low code optimizes agile development with rapid deployment and streamlined maintenance for better organizational performance.
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low code trends

11 Low-code Development Trends That Are Worth Considering In 2024

Learn the top 10 Low code trends to leverage the best strategies and features of this emerging technology in 2023 and coming years
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low code challenges

Prep Yourself With 10 Low-code Challenges (+Tips To Solve)

Actively identifying low code challenges beforehand is one of the wise ways that you should do before leveraging the technology
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low code development company

Top 10 Custom Low-code Development Companies To Work With

Synodus' list of the top Low Code Development Companies to work with in application development, process automation & digital transformation.
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mvp software development company

Top 10 MVP Software Development Company for Your Next Project 

Discover the top 10 MVP software development company and select the best one to transform your ideas into tangible products.
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POC vs MVP vs Prototype

POC vs MVP vs Prototype: How Do They Differ and Relate?   

Learn the differences between POC vs MVP vs prototype, and how to leverage best of each to create a winning product before launching.
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MVP Software development

MVP in Software Development 101: Explain Like I’m 5  

Detailed guide on MVP Software Development: what it is, its types, who to use it, how to develop and measure the success of an MVP
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low code features

18 Must-have Low-code Features For High Quality Development  

Our list of all must-have low code features in programming, data analytics and integration for better development and robust application.
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low code for enterprise

Using Low-code For Enterprise: Benefits & Top Platforms

Discover the best use cases and benefits of low-code for enterprise in accelerating growth and ensuring sustainability.
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low code automation

How Does Low-code Workflow Automation Stand Out?

Low-code workflow automation is a buzzword gaining traction in recent years a...
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mvp software development example

18 Examples of MVP in Software Development: Learn from Top Brands

Learn from the successful MVP software development examples and use their tips and tricks for your product development and startup launching.
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low code erp

What Is Low-code ERP & Will It Replace Traditional ERP Platforms?

Is Low Code ERP better and can replace legacy ERP in managing day-to-day business activities effectively, let’s find out with this blog
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nft developer for hire

The Complete Guide of How To Find The Best NFT Developers (2024 Edition)

Want to find the best team of NFT developers for hire? Then check out this complete guide to find the best NFT developers firm for your business.
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travel nft

Travel NFTs: Everything you need to know (2024 Edition)

Travel NFTs are quickly becoming the best way to promote tourism-related services. Therefore, we will cover everything you need to know about Travel NFTs.
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how to start nft business

How To Start NFT Business With These Brilliant Ideas 2024

Due to the adaptability of NFT, you can practically create NFT business of anything, including music, pictures, films, virtual worlds, etc. Let’s figure out the best ideas on how to start NFT business with our detailed blog post below.
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top eco-friendly nft platforms

Top 8 Eco-friendly NFT Platforms That You Want To Know 

It is possible to have environmentally friendly NFTs, and some of eco-friendly NFT Marketplace sprung up last year. This article includes top green NFT platforms you might want to check out.
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10 Best Low Code Development Companies in USA to Hire

10 Best Low-code Development Companies In USA To Hire

Discover the top low-code development companies in the USA and how to choose the best one that suits your company’s goals and budget.
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10 Best Low Code Development Companies in India to hire

10 Best Low-code Development Companies In India To Hire

Discover the top low-code development companies in India. Learn how to choose the best future collaborator for your business with our guide.
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Using Low code in Insurance to Accelerate Business Growth

Using Low Code In Insurance To Accelerate Business Growth

Insurance businesses are being revolutionized using a low code insurance platform. Discover how to accelerate growth and streamline processes with low code!
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low code healthcare

Potential Of Low-code In Healthcare For Digital Transformation

Low code healthcare platforms are gaining more attention by empowering the industry with automation and modern applications.
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Utilizing Low Code for Customer Services

Utilizing Low-code For Customer Services To Improve Metrics

Learn how organizations utilize Low Code for Customer Services to gain advantages and the top platforms to use
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low code citizen developer

How Low-code Empower Citizen Developer In Digital Transformation

How low code & citizen developers can leverage your digital transformation and empower each other for better business results.
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Leveraging Low Code for Financial Services

How Low-code Make A Breakthrough In Financial Services?

Is Low for Financial Services a Yes or No? Learn how to successfully implement it with the real-life use cases and top tools
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NFT Staking Explained: Definition, How it works, Benefits & Examples

NFT Staking Explained: Definition, How it works, Benefits & Examples

Ever heard of earning cryptocurrency rewards from your NFT collection? That's the...
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what is nft game

What are NFT Games And What You Don’t Want To Miss Out?

In the dynamic realm of blockchain technology, NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are...
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web application development services

A Detailed Guide On Web Application Development Services

Detailed guide on the process, types, where to start, and who to hire for high-quality web application development services.
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12 Low-code Examples & Real-life Use Cases Based on Industries

Low code technology is rising with top enterprises leveraging it for tech innovation. Here are 10+ low code examples to learn from.   
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25 Best Low-code Platforms for Startups, SME & Enterprise

Low code platforms are on the rise in 2023. Discover the best low code platforms for Startups, SME, Enterprise & Developers.
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Top 20+ Open-source Low-code Platforms On GitHub (with comparison)

List of 21 best-to-use open-source low code platforms on GitHub, where million developers collaborate to shape the future of software.
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Quick Comparison Between Low-code Vs High-code: Which Wins? 

A precise comparison between the uses and features of low-code vs high-code to help you make better decision on digital transformation
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What Is Low-code Development And Why You Should Care?

Explore the new low code technology, its features, how it differs from the traditional counterpart and use cases in certain industries.
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low code vs rpa

Low-code vs RPA: Which Is Better For Fast Workflow & Management?

To optimize the operation workflow and your business management, which is better: Low Code vs RPA? Read our detailed comparison
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low code vs no code comparison

Low-code Vs No-code: The Right Choice For SME And Enterprise

Discover the difference between low-code vs no-code and how to make the right decision: which is best to use in the future for your industry.
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progressive web app vs native app

Progressive Web App vs Native App: Which is better?

Learn the differences and similarities between Progressive Web App vs Native App & Which is better for users, developers & businesses
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List of 6+ Best Gaming NFT Marketplaces

List of 6+ NFT Gaming Marketplaces That You Must Check On

Believing in the future of NFT Gaming? If yes, let’s stay ahead of the pack by checking out some of the best gaming NFT marketplaces out there and how to build one.
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Low Code Benefit

Breakdown The Benefits & Disadvantage of Using Low-code  

The larger the enterprise, the larger the workload of the development team....
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best web development tool

11 Best Web Development Stack for robust web & fast deployment  

Choosing the best web development stack is a critical first step in...
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MEAN Stack in Web Development

What is MEAN Stack in Web Development & When To Use It?

Using a tech stack can shorten the development time as it provides...
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Top 15+ NFT Marketplace Development Companies To Partner With In 2024

The leading NFT market developers who have distinguished themselves in the blockchain...
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Best Gasless NFT Marketplaces For You To Save More Money

7+ NFT Marketplaces Without Gas Fee To Save You Money

While adopting NFTs into a day-to-day investment, gas fees might be considered...
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Deep Dive Into MERN Stack in Web Development

Developers can leverage different tools, frameworks and even web development stacks to...
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40+ Open Source Web Development Tools Every Dev Should Know

Rapid web application development tools (open-source) make it easier for programmers to...
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6+ Fashion NFT Marketplaces: Which Are The Best For Fashion Enthusiasts?

Fashion - in general - is going places. Therefore, blockchain-related things might...
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12 Tips to Optimize SEO in Single Page Application for Higher Rank

Single page application and SEO have been in dissonance as most SPAs...
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progressive web apps checklist

Progressive Web Apps Technical & Security Checklist

Finishing developing your PWA feels like a huge achievement. Yet, ensuring it...
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15 Best Database for Web Applications and Development in 2024  

Database for Web Applications and Development is required to ensure the functionality...
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Website Database

What is Website Database: Types, Examples & How It Works

For a website or web app to work, a website database is...
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NFT Photography Marketplaces

NFT Photography Marketplace: All You Need to Know

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) have undeniably been talk of the town lately. The...
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What are Progressive Web Apps: Architecture & Benefits Explained

A new door has opened for companies to engage with their consumers...
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AMP vs PWA: Which one is better for your website performance?  

The web world is getting more advanced with innovative technologies that help...
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NFT Jewelry Marketplace: An experience or a real investment

NFT Jewelry Marketplace: An Experience or A Real Investment

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have revolutionized many industries, including art, game, and sports....
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Wine NFT Marketplace: Everything You Need To Know

Wine NFT Marketplaces: Investing wisely with 4+ Marketplaces of Wine NFTs

It’s hard to think about the combination between wine and NFTs, yet...
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Real Estate NFT Marketplace: Everything You Need To Know

The NFT sector of the crypto economy is flourishing. Gradually the NFT...
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progressive web apps examples

Best Progressive Web Apps Examples to learn from in 2024 

Since the Internet has accelerated in our society, businesses have been in...
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web development tools for android

Top 10 Web Development Tools for Android to use on the go  

Building and maintaining a website isn't an easy job. Anything can comes...
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front end web development tools

The List of 28 Best Front-end Web Development Tools 

Front-end development tools facilitate the creation of visually attractive websites and applications....
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web application

What is Web Application? How it works? A Detailed Guide 

Web application has been around us for a long time, from the...
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what to ask a web developer before hiring

What questions to ask a web developer before hiring: 25 Q&As

Many businesses are developing or enhancing their existing websites to digitize their...
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9 Open Source NFT Marketplaces With Code on Github

As we all know, open source NFT marketplaces, like any other marketplace,...
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wordpress nft themes

Best 25+ WordPress NFT Themes For Elementor In 2024

Building NFT Wordpress site is such an efficient approach that artists, creators...
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How to create your own NFT Marketplace - 10 steps with tutorials

How to create your own NFT Marketplace (10 steps with tutorials)

Maybe you have heard about blockchain and NFT marketplace, but do you...
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Top 12 WordPress NFT Minting Plugins In 2024

Today, if you don't move forward, you've gone backward. As a participant...
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back end web development tools

Best 32 Back-end Web Development Tools for a strong Website 

Working as the brain and backbone of a website, the back end...
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Best 25+ Music NFT Marketplaces To Sell And Buy [2024 Edition]

Music NFT marketplace has changed the mindset of music lovers, as creators...
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single page application vs multi page application

Difference between Single Page Application vs Multi Page Application  

With many advanced web app technologies to choose from nowadays, it might...
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TOP 15 NFT Analytics Tools That Investors Should Use in 2024

NFT Analytics Tools are the best ones for not only NFT individual...
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single page application

Single Page Application: Definition, Benefit, Architecture & Example

With the growing number of websites and Internet users, the requirements for...
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Best 23+ NFT Marketplace WordPress Themes For Your Consideration 2024

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are of the hour now and then, which have...
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quality assurance in web development

Quality Assurance in Web Development: Benefit, Checklist and How to do  

Quality assurance in web development must be performed regularly, during and even...
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Top 11 Best Mobile Web Development Tools to use in 2024

It’s not hard to notice that most companies are investing in developing...
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difference between single page app and progressive web app

Difference between Single Page App and Progressive Web App    

Web applications are becoming increasingly popular due to their engaging user experience...
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NFT Marketplace Aggregator - Definition, Benefits and How It works

NFT Marketplace Aggregator – Definition, Benefits & How it works

NFT exploded, became the focus, and now is no longer a strange...
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NFT Royalties: A Definite Guide On How It Works

NFT Royalties are the crypto payments (typically a percentage of the sale price)...
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Top 15 Web Development Programming Languages To Use In 2023 

You must be able to code whether you want to work full-time...
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Top 15 Best Art NFT Marketplaces Designed for Artists 

As NFTs have been in the limelight during the past years, NFT...
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What are ICO, IDO, IEO

What are ICO, IDO and IEO in Crypto?

When it comes to creating innovative ways to kickstart projects and raise...
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ICOs vs STOs: Analysis And Comparison

STO Vs ICO: Analysis and Comparison

Many have known that influential firms such as Tesla, Mastercard, BNY Mellon...
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web development guide

Web Development Guide For Business And Beginners: Where To Start?

You might have heard someone say Web Development is dying. But the...
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web application frameworks

Power your Web Application with 12 Best to use Frameworks

Web Application isn't something new. Thousands of companies have leveraged this technology...
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NFT Marketplace Business Model: How does it work?

NFT Marketplace Business Model: How Does It Work?

“How do NFT Marketplaces make money?” you might ask. Imagine that you...
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progressive web apps frameworks

Review Of 10 Best Progressive Web Apps Frameworks & Technology

Although it took some time for the idea to gain traction, the...
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10 Best Single Page Application Frameworks In 2024 With Examples 

Choosing the suited single-page application framework is important because the wrong one...
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How To Estimate NFT Marketplace Development Cost

How To Estimate NFT Marketplace Development Cost

“How much does it cost to build an NFT marketplace?", “What is...
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15+ Good UI Design Examples From Top Brands To Learn From

UI design describe a digital product's appearance, feel, and operation. It's a...
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ux design process

Mastering UX Design Process & Tips To Work With Design Team 

If you're wondering how to start a UX design process that works...
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ui design process

Excel in UI Design using Smart Workflow, Tools and Guidelines

A standard UI design process and principles must be followed to create...
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How to attract and retain senior developers to navigate Top Tech Talent Shortage

How To Attract & Retain Senior Developers To Navigate The Top Tech Talent Shortage

Table of Contents[Open][Close]1. Top Tech Talent Shortage: Overview, Statistics, And Explanation1.1. Overview...
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Top 8 Must-have NFT Marketplace Features That You Need To Know

Top 8 Must-have NFT Marketplace Features That You Need To Know

Defining must-have NFT marketplace features is the indispensable yet hardest part of building an...
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Avoid these 15 Bad UI Design Mistakes (With Examples)  

When designing the user interface for your mobile app or web, all...
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Get Inspired With 20 Good UX Design Examples For Your Site

UX design is one of the most important aspects of website building....
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ecommerce web development requirements

20+ Requirements To Build An Impactful eCommerce Website

A website is extremely important for an eCommerce business since it's the...
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web development tools

25+ Best Web Development Tools & Software To Use In 2023

Web development tools make it easy and more efficient for developers (even...
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how long does it take to build an ecommerce website

How Long Does It Take To Build An eCommerce Website ?  

Building an eCommerce Website can be a daunting process. There are thousands...
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Breakdown the Cost of eCommerce Web Development 

How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce Website? Well, the...
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real estate web development

Real Estate Web Development: Cost & How To

The goal of realtors has long been to place classified ads in...
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15 Best to use Web Development Platforms

Unraveling The Top 15 Web Development Platforms In 2024

If you're struggling with building a website, many web development platforms in...
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ecommerce web development

eCommerce Web Development: Benefits, Types And Simple Steps  

The global online market has witnessed a surge in online sales revenue...
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Blockchain Developer Salaries Around The World [2024 Edition]

Are you curious to know about the average blockchain developer salaries around...
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frameworks for web development

Top 10 Frameworks for seamless Web Development  

Web development has now become an integral part of any business. Choosing...
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web application examples

12 Web Applications Examples to learn for your web development

With the increased internet usage, web applications might be a good start...
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Tips to choose your best Web Development Team

Every business wants a website nowadays; it’s one of the most common front...
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New Strategic Partnership Announcement: ANATICS x SYNODUS

Hanoi, Sep 19th 2022 We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership...
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blockchain trends


Blockchain has become the talk of the town lately, and it is...
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The Ultimate Guide Of Retail Analytics: Definition, Types and Examples Included 

In the fiercely competitive retail sector, retailers and chain managers are embracing...
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Leveraging Predictive Analytics In Excel For Sales Forecasting: How To Do It  

Sales forecasting has a substantial role in every business's success when making...
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Predictive Analytics: A Completed Guide With Benefits, Models And Examples

Predictive Analytics: A Detailed Guide With Benefits, Models And Examples 

Predictive analytics is suggested to be a vital tool for businesses in...
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Top 10 behavioral analytics tools and a guide to choose one

Top 10 User Behavioral Analytics Tools And A Complete Guide To Choose One

Behavioral analytics tool is changing how businesses become more profitable and serve...
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Behavioral Analytics

What Is Behavioral Analytics? Definition, Examples and Tools 

Every mouse click and movement on the screen reveals something about the...
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3D Data Visualization

3D Data Visualization: What Is It, The Do And Don’t, And The Tools You Need

Data visualization is a must for every data scientist and business to...
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Customer Success Stories - A case from Boody

Turning 10-Year Data Into A Single Source Of Truth With Boody  

Table of Contents[Open][Close]Who Is Boody?How They Came To Us Here Are Key...
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Data Monetization A Complete Guide

Data Monetization: A Complete Guide 

You may hear that data is a treasure that will do you...
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Success Story of The ICONIC: Leveraging Customer Analytics To Become A Fashion Giant

Table of Contents[Open][Close]Part 1: A Brief History Of Multi-millionaire Empire: How It...
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In-store Retail Analytics: Definition, Benefits, and Use Cases 

When mentioning analytics in business, we often think of sales figures and...
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Data Strategy A definite guide

Data Strategy: A Definitive Guide

A data strategy helps companies know how to manage and analyze data...
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Retail Analytics Courses, Books & Reports

Retail Analytics Courses, Books & Reports: Resources for your knowledge

It is crucial for retailers and those who are enthusiastic about retailing...
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The Future Of Retail Analytics (Top 10 Trends In 2024)

Audio: The Future Of Retail Analytics (Top 10 Trends In 2023) It's...
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Sentiment Analysis - A comprehensive Guide

Sentiment Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide

The power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables organizations to implement sentiment...
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What is Data Visualization?

What Is Data Visualization And Why You Need This?

We live in a world of Big Data, in which data visualization...
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Top 10 Best Data Visualization Tools 2024 (Free & Paid)

As the value of data visualization has become widely recognized across companies...
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Databases vs DataWarehouse: Similaries & Differences

Database vs Data Warehouse: Similarities & Differences

What is a database? What is a data warehouse? What are the...
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database schema

What Is Database Schema? Types, Benefits, Terms Explained

In this blog, we’ll go further into database schema including database schema...
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Data Warehouse Costs

Data Warehouse Costs: 3 Important Elements to Consider 

It’s essential to select the right data warehouse, business intelligence, and analytics...
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data warehouse definition benefits

What is a Data Warehouse? Definition, Benefits, Structure

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, the ability to leverage...
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what is cloud data warehouse

What is Cloud Data Warehouse? Benefits, Features & Solutions Compared

The growing demand for data warehouses as a service is propelling the...
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data warehouse tutorial

Data Warehouse Tutorial: Learn from Experts with 6 Steps

Data is gathered at regular intervals from source systems such as ERP...
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data visualization benefits

Top 10 Impactful Data Visualization Benefits

Data visualization lets us present sets of data through the use of...
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data analytics sme

Data Analytics for SMEs: What You Should Know

Operating in an ever-changing market, many SMEs (Small and Medium-size Enterprises) are...
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Does Outsourcing Data Projects Make Sense?

Data Analytics Agency vs In-house Team: What works best for your E-commerce business ?

Partnering with a Data Analytics Agency or building an in-house team are...
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The Latest Trends in Data Warehouse 2024

The world has changed since the introduction of data warehouse. Data warehouse...
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How You Can Use Data Analytics for Better Inventory Management  

Inventory is the most important section of a company, ranging from different...
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location analytics retail

Retail Location Analytics | Definition & Use Cases 

Retail Location Analytics supports businesses with robust conditions to directly approach customers,...
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Retail analytics

How to Boost Conversion Rates With The Use of Retail Analytics

The rapid growth of the retail industry comes with big data and...
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Data Science in Retail | Use Cases & Famous Projects

Data science employs specific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to draw insights...
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customer feedback analytics

Detailed Customer Feedback Analysis Guide 2024

Customers have been leaving feedback more than ever before, and businesses amass...
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