OOE is a metric used to track the availability of general production lines from beginning to end. This is a required dashboard to eliminate the risk of human error and time delays, ensuring that equipment is being utilized to meet production goals.

GoalsQuestions to askDashboard views
To keep track of the recent OEEs 
  • What is the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)?
  • What could businesses do to improve OEE?
OEE, OEE by Product  
To monitor the availability and other related metrics 
  • How has the availability changed over time?
  • Which product has the highest availability?
Planned Time, Production Time, Avaibility, Avaibility by Month, Avaibility by Product, Avaibility by Line, Avaibility by Shift  
To keep track quality and related metrics 
  • How has the Quality changed over time?
  • Which product has the highest Quality?
Production Volume, Good Count, Performance, Performance by Month, Performance by Product, Performance by Line, Performance by Shift 
To monitor the recent performance metrics and other related metrics  
  • How has performance changed overtime?
  • Which product has the highest performance?
Quality, Quality by Month, Quality by Product, Quality by Line, Quality by Shift 

*Key Terms

Production Volume: 
The actual production output

Good Count:
Good number of products

Planned Time:
The time the machine runs as planned

Production Time:
Actual machine running time

The level of usefulness, which measures uptime loss by comparing the ratio between run time and planned production time

It helps to measure quality loss based on comparing the ratio of Total Quality Product (the amount of product that meets the requirements and specifications of the customer) with the Total Product produced

It helps to measure quality loss based on the ratio comparison between Total Quality Product (quantity of product that meets customer’s requirements and specifications) to Total Product produced

Overall Equipment Performance. As a benchmark in comprehensive productivity maintenance that measures the productivity and operational efficiency of an asset

OOE Report

  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a key parameter in Total Productive Maintenance. It is the world’s most popular standard for measuring the productivity and operating efficiency of an asset.
  • OEE helps businesses identify problems in asset usage and maintenance, determine what percentage of production time is actually productive, and is a standard metric for tracking progress toward fixing these problems. Therefore, monitoring the OEE index and related indicators is very necessary for manufacturing enterprises.
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