Warehouse management is a challenging problem that any business might face, especially when it expand more and more warehouses situated at different locations. One of the challenges is how to better arrange the warehouse to optimize space with a complex system of selves; and how to arrange it well to faciliate transportation adn the process of import and export easily.  

The warehouse diagram shown in the dashboard shows the status of the current warehouse system in real time, from this diagram the manager can:

  • Monitor shelf status in stock;
  • Track the location of each SKU of raw materials and finished products
GoalsQuestions to askDashboard views
Monitor the status of selves in stock  
How much % of fullness is the shelf in the warehouse?
Is it still possible to line up?
Plan to fill that shelf when the materials arrive or when the finished product is produced 
Track the location of each SKU of raw materials and finished products   
Is the current arrangement convenient for import and export and storage?  
Rearrange the goods in the warehouse to facilitate the import and export of warehouses and storage, which still guarantees the general and specific rules of warehouse arrangement of the household appliance industry.  
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