This report displays the statistics regarding the most popular and highly purchased products by new customers organized in visuals which can be filtered by a specific period of Time, Category, Style, Name, etc. We can see which products are doing well, so we can run advertising programs and manage imports better. The business could achieve the below goals: 

GoalsQuestions to askDashboard views
Track top-selling items on the first order  What are top-selling items? Top 5 Products by Customers Contribution w/Product 
Track customers contribution on their first orders How much customers contribute to business on their first orders? Customers Contribution w/Product 
See the relationship between New Customers and Average New Customers Contribution Do New Customers and Average New Customers Contribution have the relationship? New Customers vs Avg New Customers Contribution Plot 

*Key Terms

New Customers: 
Customers purchasing for the first time 

Customers Contribution w/Product:
Total customers contribution on their first orders 

Average New Customers Contribution = (Customers Contribution w/Product)/(New Customers):
Average amount of money customers spend on the first order 

Hero Products Report


Understanding your new customers and hero products is a key aspect of being able to effectively market to customers and build relationships with them. 

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