Gonzalo Manuel Quevedo

Efficiency, Scalability and Flexibility Synodus resources have shown great performance, especially when shaping the BI solution. Project Management, their professionalism, and dedication ensured we met deadlines in a timely manner and with a quality product. What’s more, Synodus’s wide array of professionals offered us the capability to scale and explore other areas such as ML, […]

Feng Wei

Synodus team go above and beyond. With 8 years of running on-shore and off-shore matrix teams and using several outsourcing providers, we knew how difficult it can be to find the right people to work with. Having worked with Synodus for over a year now, we are impressed by how the staff quickly understands our […]

Quan Le

Customer-obsessed As a leading Microsoft license provider, we entrust Synodus with our clients’ BI and Data Analytics needs. Bringing true business value to clients is their number one priority; they do so with unmatched attention and flexibility.