Businesses with multi-channel marketing hope to reach more than just online marketplaces it covers offline storefronts, social media platforms with integrated shopping features, and also websites that sell their goods. Multichannel e-commerce gives firms a simpler way to increase their global customer base, luring more clients and generating more income. With this dashboard, users have the option to choose a channel from the dashboard to view information about that channel’s performance. 

The dashboard allows users to select a channel to view its performance details. Net sales of each channel is broken down by collections, by geographical locations and also by months for comparison purposes. The dashboards give answer to the following questions:

  • Understand customer’s purchasing habits 
  • Inventory and marketing planning 
  • Assess collections’ popularity 
  • Track channels’ sales over periods 
GoalsQuestions to askDashboard views
Understand customer’s purchasing habits What channels do B2C customers prefer to buy from the most? What regions from which B2B customers spend the most on our products? B2C Channel – $ Net Sales B2B Channel – Avg Spend per month
Inventory and marketing planning Which product has brought in most sales yesterday by units and values? Top Product (Units)
Top Product (Dollar)
Assess collections’ popularity What collections are the best sellers in each channel? $ Net Sales by Collections 
Track channels’ sales over periods How have B2B and B2C net sales advanced in the last month, last 3 months and last 6 months?  Rolling Sales 

*Key Terms

Rolling sales: Rolling sales over a period is the total sales amount in that period. As the sales of a period “rolls” forward each month, the amount from the latest month is added. 

Sales by Channel Report

  • Analyzing which channels have attracted a maximum number of customers/sales units would help plan the channel–wise promotional strategies. For example, more offers or coupons could be introduced on Amazon, if Amazon is the best channel. 
  • Combining location intelligence with sales and volume metrics can help you to engage with your B2B customers in a more meaningful way. 
  • Comparing any metric over different time periods helps in evaluating a company’s performance by comparing this period’s data with the previous period’s. It will help you in understanding if the actual vs planned production and sales has reasonable fluctuations this year as compared to the same period last month/year. 


In this case, the Basic collection stands out as the best-seller of all in all channels and B2C sales brought in by Amazon and eBay have been increasing steadily in the chosen period. From this information, the manager would be able to detect where the focus of the next sales strategy should lie, whether it’s collection-wise or channel-wise.  

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