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Finishing developing your PWA feels like a huge achievement. Yet, ensuring it seamlessly functions and has a successful launch is even better. For this to happen, you need to be well-prepared. You better draw attention to its requisites and check every feature of your web apps. To ensure you won’t forget anything, Synodus has prepared an A-to-Z progressive web apps checklist and requirements for your future launch!   

PWA Basic Technical Requirements

PWAs are gaining popularity among businesses in a variety of industries. PWAs, which are currently compatible with Google Chrome but not with iOS, must meet four technical progressive web apps requirement: 

1. A PWA must be visited twice in five minutes before being able to install

In Google Chrome, users must visit the PWA’s hosting site/ home page twice before the browser displays the message asking to install it.  

This might not be the most reliable verification method, but it is a quick way to determine the user’s interest. This parameter will likely be replaced by a better one in the future, but Google’s developers are content with it for the time being. 

2. A valid secure HTTPS connection

Users should feel safe when using a Progressive Web App. To check this, Google will look for a secure connection. Because network requests are routed through a service worker script, enabling HTTPS on the server to mitigate vulnerabilities.  

This allows heavy code to run in the background and communicate with it so that one or more long tasks do not block the user interface in the progressive web app. 

Although the primary goal of this progressive web app requirement may be to increase security, having a secure connection also helps to build trust among users. Furthermore, because search engines can index PWA, it makes sense to serve via TLS – a cryptographic protocol that provides secure Internet communications – to boost minor SEO performance. 

3. Verify the installed JSON manifest 

When you provide a data extract in JSON format, the service worker can cache this information. The shell app (a model or pattern used in web app development) is then used to load the CSS rules and deliver an offline version with full user interface capabilities.  

When a visitor loads a new page, the service worker needs to cache the JSON extract and physically store it in the shell app to meet progressive web apps requirement. This shell contains style sheets, scripts, images, fonts, and HTML outputs required to allow a user to represent an entire page without loading anything else. 

4. Service worker installed 

As previously stated, the service worker is in charge of caching all files, push notifications, content updates, data handling, and much more.  

In progressive web apps’ technical requirement, it is critical to recognize that this script functions separately from any app or website already on the web server, working with events listeners and commands such as “fetch,” which is close to the HTTP commands “Get / Post / Set.”  

pwa components
Ensure you have enough PWA’s components to make it run smoothly

Because it listens to network requests on the server but is stored in the user device as an a.js file, the service worker will handle these requests with appropriate responses depending on whether there is an Internet connection. 

Progressive Web Apps Checklist Before Launch 

1. Is the site served via HTTPS? 

Today, in the progressive web apps checklist, security is essential, so you should ensure that your web application is only served over HTTPS. 

How Do You Test? 
You can use the following tools to determine whether your website is served over HTTPS: Lighthouse by Google Developer, seositecheckup, digicert, ssl chopper, ssl labs, and so on in the checklist of progressive web apps.

How to Fix it? 

If you discover that your website or Progressive Web App is not being served over HTTPS, you must implement HTTPS. 

2. Are the web pages mobile-friendly? 

According to the progressive web app checklist, you must ensure that your PWA is responsive on all mobile and desktop devices, including laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets.  

Your users can use any device to browse your PWA. You can’t ever be 100% sure what they use and its screen size, so it’s best to ensure your PWA interface is compatible with every existing resolution. The tasks that users want to complete and the content that they want to access should remain constant regardless of viewport size. 

How Do You Test?  

You can use Lighthouse to verify that your design is mobile-friendly, but you can also manually check it.  

First, right-click on the pages you want to check for responsiveness. Then click “inspect” and choose “Toggle device toolbar,” which is located next to the “elements” button. 

How to Fix it? 

Suppose the results show that the web pages on your web app are not responsive. In that case, you should work on implementing a responsive design or serve a viewport-friendly site adaptively. 

3. Is offline loading supported? 

When developing your progressive web app, make sure that all or at least some of your web pages work even when your app is offline. 

Users expect installed apps to function regardless of network connectivity. When an app is offline, it should never display a blank page, and a Progressive Web App should never display the browser’s default offline page. When a user navigates to a URL that hasn’t been cached or tries to use a feature that requires a connection, providing a custom offline experience helps your web the experience feels like it’s a part of the device on which it’s running. 

How do you test? 
While keeping airplane mode on, you must load various pages in the PWA. Once airplane mode is enabled, ensure that the app displays at least some offline content. Lighthouse can be used to ensure that the start URL returns a 200 when you are offline.  

You can employ a Service Worker to Repair to fix it.  

4. Is it cross-browser compatible? 

In the following progressive web apps checklist, you must test your PWA for cross-browser compatibility. This is to ensure that your web app provides a flawlessly smooth user experience to all users regardless of the browser that they will use.    

Even though it feels like a native app, PWA still operates within a browser. Your users should be able to find, locate and install your PWA, whether they use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Therefore, you can provide a usable experience for the broadest potential users.  

Make sure your web app can run on any browser

How Do You Test and Fix It?  

To test your progressive web app’s compatibility across browsers, try testing and installing it on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. 

You should also identify that the core functionality can run on every browser. In many cases, this means starting with HTML to create the core functionality and then enhancing the user experience with CSS and JavaScript to make it more engaging.  

Consider the submission of a form. The simplest method is to use an HTML form that submits a POST request. After that, you can improve the experience for users who can support it by using JavaScript to validate and submit the form via AJAX. 

5. Is there metadata for “Add to Home” screen?  

The only way for users to install your PWA is through a browser download, not an app store. So, make sure this critical step works and highlight it on your progressive web apps checklist.  

How Do You Test and Fix it?  

You can use Lighthouse to test this or do it manually through your phone browser. If this causes you problems, simply add a Web App Manifest file to your project. 

6. How smooth are the page transitions? 

Page transitions are crucial to the perceived performance of the web app, so they should always feel smooth when navigating through it, even if your internet connection is slow.  

How Do You Test?  

This testing should be done manually, preferably on a slow network. Try clicking on different buttons or links to see if it responds immediately, either by transitioning smoothly to another screen, displaying a placeholder loading screen or while the app waits for a response, a loading indicator appears.  

If it is a client-rendered single-page app, you should work to move the user immediately to the next page, then show them a skeleton screen and use any existing content, such as the title or thumbnail, while waiting for the content to load. 

7. Is there a URL for each page? 

Unlike a website, a web application doesn’t need a URL for every action taken since some elements will stay static while the requested one alters. However, your PWA should generate a unique URL for specific actions requiring a page load. 

How Do You Test?  

By testing whether a page can be accessed through the browser, you must ensure that it’s linkable through the URLs and that each URL is unique. 

You can check whether the client-side router can re-construct the PWA state from a URL. 

8. Is the content easily shareable? 

Our PWA checklist suggests that all the content on your web app should be easy to share, even in full-screen mode, and it should also be formatted into cards for all social media platforms.  

Your PWA content should be shareable

How Do You Test?  

This test must be performed manually by sharing the content in the following ways:  

  • Facebook – Test the URL by entering the post to be shared and determining whether cards were generated.  
  • Twitter – Determine whether a suitable type of card for your content has been added to the given HTML page’s HEAD.  

How to Fix it? 

You can address this by including social or generic share buttons in your User Experience. A generic button can automatically copy the URL to the user’s clipboard and then offer them options for social networks to share. You can even experiment with the new Web Share API to integrate Android’s native sharing system. 

9. Is Metadata available at all times? 

Your web app should be able to generate a rich card for you to improve the visibility of your website or web app in search engines.  

How Do You Test and Fix it?  

To test this one, use Google Structured data to see if the image, description, title, and so on are available.  

If you markup the content, you can fix this. As an example:  

  • Rich Cards require the Recipe type markup in a recipe app.  
  • Rich Cards and/or AMP Support requires the NewsArticle type markup in a news app.  
  • The Product type markup for Rich Cards should be present in an eCommerce app. 

10. Is it possible to receive push notifications? 

If push notifications are required for your web app, put this on your progressive web app checklist to ensure they are not overbearing. Though push notifications are not required for an excellent web app, they can be used as a marketing strategy.  

How Do You Test?  

To test this, go to the web app and look for the push notifications opt-in flow. When the browser displays the permission request, you must check to see if it includes any context explaining what the permission is for.  

When the site requests permission on page load, ensure the context is clear about why the user needs to enable push notifications.  

Your push notification should not be annoyed

How to Fix it? 

Create a user-friendly and transparent notifications permissions flow. You must ensure that the User Interface encourages users to turn on Push Notifications without becoming overly aggressive. 

11. Is the load time quick (even on 3G)? 

Your users might not have access to Wi-Fi all the time. As a result, it is critical to check the first load on 3G or 4G connections.  

High-performing sites engage and retain users better than low-performing ones, and performance is critical to the success of any online experience. Scrolling and animation should be fluid, even without a connection. 

How Do You Test?  

This can be accomplished using Lighthouse to verify the time to interactive 10s for the first visit on a simulated 3G network. Page Speed Insights and the Chrome User Experience Report are other options. 

How to Fix it? 

One thing you can do is focus on loading less script, ensuring that the maximum amount of script is loaded asynchronously via script async>, and making sure that the render-blocking CSS is appropriately marked. Aside from that, you can experiment with the PRPL pattern and server-side tools such as Page Speed Module. 

12. It works with any type of input. 

Devices provide a variety of input methods, and users should be able to switch between them seamlessly while using your application. Input methods should not be limited by screen size, which means that large viewports must support touch and small viewports must support keyboards. You should also improve experiences to allow input-specific controls (such as pull-to-refresh).  

This is the progressive web apps checklist’s criteria that is often neglected. 

13. Contextualizes permission requests 

Notifications, geolocation, and credentials APIs are intentionally designed to be disruptive to users because they are associated with powerful functionality that requires opt-in. When these prompts appear without additional contexts, users are less likely to accept them. Instead, only show those prompts after you’ve given the user an in-context explanation for why you need that permission. 

14. Best practices for healthy code are followed. 

There is a great deal that goes into developing a modern web application. Keeping your application and codebase up to date will make it less prone to bugs in the future. 

There are many recommendations in the progressive web apps checklist to ensure a healthy codebase, including avoiding libraries with known vulnerabilities, ensuring you’re not using deprecated APIs, removing web anti-patterns from your codebase (such as using document.write or having non-passive scroll event listeners).  

Consider requiring static code analysis, such as linting, and automated testing in multiple browsers and release channels. These techniques can assist in detecting errors more quickly and earlier. 

Other PWA Checklists: 

To assist teams in creating the best possible experiences, Google has created a checklist that breaks down everything they believe it takes to build a Baseline PWA. Checklist of Excellent Progressive Web Apps:  

  • Google Schema indexes the site’s content.  
  • Where applicable, org metadata is provided.  
  • Where applicable, social metadata is provided.  
  • When necessary, canonical URLs are provided.  
  • The History API is used by pages.  
  • The page’s content does not jump as it loads.  
  • Your scroll position on the previous list page is retained when you return from a detail page.  
  • When tapped, the on-screen keyboard does not obscure inputs. Content can be easily shared in standalone or full-screen mode.  
  • The website is responsive to phone, tablet, and desktop screen sizes.  
  • Any app installation prompts are used sparingly.  
  • The Add to Home Screen prompt is blocked.  
  • Even on 3G, the first load is high-speed.  
  • The site employs cache-first networking. 

Wrapping Up 

Your PWA project won’t be finished without thorough testing and re-testing. To make the job easier, we hope this Progressive web apps checklist and requirements can highlight some critical improvements and criteria to be considered. At the same time, choosing suitable PWA frameworks and tools can help your web app to be less prone to bugs. Here’s our review of the top progressive web app frameworks to use

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What Is Database Schema? Types, Benefits, Terms Explained

In this blog, we’ll go further into database schema including database schema...
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Data Warehouse Costs

Data Warehouse Costs: 3 Important Elements to Consider 

It’s essential to select the right data warehouse, business intelligence, and analytics...
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What Is a Data Warehouse? Definition, Benefits, Architecture Explained

What is a Data Warehouse? Definition, Benefits, Architecture Explained

A data warehouse is essential for businesses that wish to drive engagement...
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what is a data warehouse top 10 solutions compared

What is Cloud Data Warehouse? Benefits, Features & Solutions Compared

The growing demand for data warehouses as a service is propelling the...
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data warehouse tutorial for dummies

Data Warehouse Tutorial: Learn from Experts with 6 Steps

Data is gathered at regular intervals from source systems such as ERP...
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benefits of data visualization

What Are The Benefits of Data Visualization?

Data visualization lets us present sets of data through the use of...
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Data Analytics Services for Small Business: Pricing Review

Data Analytics Services for Small Business: Pricing Review

As a small business owner, you’d better implement data analytics if you...
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6 Best Practices for Small Business Analytics

6 Best Practices for Small Business Analytics

Today's successful businesses are propelled by the covert power of small business...
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Data Analytics for SMEs: What You Should Know

Data Analytics for SMEs: What You Should Know

Operating in an ever-changing market, many SMEs are facing challenges and struggling...
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How Your Business Can Benefit From Data Analytics Outsourcing

How Your Business Can Benefit From Data Analytics Outsourcing 

In recent decades, a lot of enterprises - large and SMEs, want...
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Small Business Analytics: 4 Ugly Facts

Small Business Analytics: 4 Ugly Facts

Analytics is an important part of any business, but it's not something...
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5 Data Visualization Trends in 2022

Top 5 Data Visualization Trends in 2022 and More Years to Come!

Due to the fact that technological advances are ever-changing, the future of...
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7 Things to Consider When You Hire a Data Analytics Consultant

7 Things to Consider When You Hire a Data Analytics Consultant

The data analytics consulting industry is a rapidly growing market. The U.S....
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Merge Data from Multiple Sources Effortlessly

6 Detailed Steps to Merge Data from Multiple Sources Effortlessly 

The advancement of technology has created many opportunities for the big data...
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How to Identify Bad Data and 3 Excellent Ways to Improve Data Quality

How to Identify Bad Data and 3 Excellent Ways to Improve Data Quality 

Do you know that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every...
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Top 6 common payment gateways for eCommerce stores

Top 6 Common Payment Gateways for eCommerce Stores

The world of online business is a fast-paced one. The ability to...
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7 Huge Gaps in Google Analytics And Tools to Fix Them

7 Huge Gaps in Google Analytics And Tools to Fix Them

Google Analytics is a must-have tool in the toolbox of any e-commerce...
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eCommerce advice: How to work with customers as privacy regulations are changing

Ecommerce Advice: How to Work with Customers as Privacy Regulations Are Changing

As the eCommerce industry grows and matures, consumers are becoming more aware...
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Data Warehouse Trends 2022

The Latest Trends in Data Warehouse 2022 

The world has changed since the introduction of data warehouse. Data warehouse...
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Searching for data to make critical decisions? Try these 8 sources

Searching for data to make critical decisions? Try these 8 sources 

Leveraging the gigantic database of your customers can help you seek insights...
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5 Ways Data Science Can Boost Your E-commerce Revenue

5 Ways Data Science Can Boost Your E-commerce Revenue

The 21st century has digitized the world and provided a gigantic database...
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6 Significant Impacts of Geography on E-commerce Conversions

6 Significant Impacts of Geography on E-commerce Conversions 

In online retail, e-commerce conversions happen when customers purchase products or services...
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4 Insightful Books To Master Your Data Visualization

4 Insightful Books To Master Your Data Visualization 

Data analytics is like solving a puzzle. Raw data is a clue...
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How Retail Analytics Can Help You Win Fraudsters

How Retail Analytics Can Help You Win Fraudsters 

Fraud has remained a big concern in the retail industry. The National...
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How You Can Use Data Analytics for Better Inventory Management

How You Can Use Data Analytics for Better Inventory Management  

Inventory is the most important section of a company, ranging from different...
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4 Significant Use Cases of Location Analytics in Retail

Retail Location Analytics | Definition & Use Cases 

Retail Location Analytics supports businesses with robust conditions to directly approach customers,...
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10 Most Reliable KPI Tracking Software Worth Your Consideration 

10 Most Reliable KPI Tracking Software Worth Your Consideration 

With proper KPIs, you can keep track of your campaign’s performance and...
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3 Tips on Selecting the Best E-commerce KPIs for Online Businesses 

3 Tips on Selecting the Best E-commerce KPIs for Online Businesses 

KPIs are always an essential part of any business strategy on the...
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2 Ways Internal Data Can Benefit Your E-commerce Business

2 Ways Internal Data Can Benefit Your E-commerce Business

Simply defined, data is helpful information that you accumulate to support organizational...
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8 Best Free Google Analytics Tutorials for Beginners and Experts

8 Best Free Google Analytics Tutorials for Beginners and Experts

Google Analytics is considered an indispensable tool to every website owner. It...
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3 Clever Tips to Scale Your E-commerce Businesses With Data

3 Clever Tips to Scale Your E-commerce Businesses With Data

In the cut-throat world of business, entrepreneurs must compete fiercely with each...
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10 Best Free WooCommerce Analytics Plugins for Your E-commerce Website  

10 Best Free WooCommerce Analytics Plugins for Your E-commerce Website  

WooCommerce is among the popular platforms that has been revolutionizing the digital...
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Sentiment Analysis and 2 Important Factors to Analyze Customer Feedback

Sentiment Analysis and 2 Important Factors to Analyze Customer Feedback

Satisfied customers are a constant source of happiness to businesses. Usually, every...
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Customer behavior analytics are transforming how retailer sell online

Behavior Analytics Are Transforming How Retailers Sell Online Introduction

Behavior analytics refers to the method of collecting and analyzing qualitative and...
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How Emotion Analytics is Applied in the E-Commerce Analytics to Increase Customer Engagement 

How Emotion Analytics is Applied in the E-Commerce Analytics to Increase Customer Engagement

Emotions are verbal and non-verbal communication cues that play an integral role...
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Retail Analytics Can Boost Your Merchandising Effectiveness

2 Ways Retail Analytics Can Boost Your Merchandising Effectiveness

Physical stores have been through a great transformation due to digitalization. The...
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ar in Retail Analytics

How Can Augmented Reality Be So Helpful in Retail Analytics

In the age of innovative technology, retail e-commerce presents a number of...
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retail analytics use cases

Retail Analytics Use Cases: Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents[Open][Close]What is Retail Analytics?Effective Use Cases For Retail AnalyticsRetail Analytics...
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retail analytics

How to Boost Conversion Rates With The Use of Retail Analytics

The rapid growth of the retail industry comes with big data and...
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4 Effective Ways to Collect Customer Feedback for Analytics

Understanding the importance of customer feedback helps businesses have a full view...
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4 Ways to Use Speech Analytics for Better Customer Engagement

A significant challenge for any business is getting deep insights about customers...
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data science in retail

Data Science in Retail | Use Cases & Famous Projects

Data science employs specific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to draw insights...
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secrets of online shopping behaviors

3 Big Secrets of Online Shopping Behaviors You Must Know

Customers have certain online shopping behaviors that businesses in the e-commerce industry...
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Customer Feedback Analysis

Detailed Customer Feedback Analysis Guide 2022

Customers have been leaving feedback more than ever before, and businesses amass...
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