This report includes the basic KPIs important from a sales perspective – total orders and gross revenue. The report has a New/Repeating Order Type filter which gives the users three choices – to view the data related to new orders alone, repeating orders alone, or both. In addition, it also helps in monitoring the performance of a single product, users can select the appropriate product type they want to view using the product slicers: Category, Style, Name. It identifies opportunities to achieve the below goals: 

GoalsQuestions to askDashboard views
Track the current sales situation What is the total order number? Total Orders 
Track the top-selling items Which are the top-revenue generating products? % Order w/Products 
Track Revenue growth How is revenue trend? Gross Revenue 
Compare New and Repeating Orders What is difference between New and Repeating Orders? First-time Orders, Repeat Orders 

*Key Terms

First-time Orders: 
Total of the first order of each customer

Repeat Orders:
Total of the repeat orders of each customer

% Orders w/Products:
Out of total orders, how many % of orders contain the selected product? 

Products In Orders Report


Product analysis provides all of the information necessary to determine if a product meets the company’s expectation and customer preferences, it does well or not compared to other products. Businesses can decide if they want to boost or eliminate the item from their inventory based on product performance. 

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