A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a list that includes the raw materials, components, and components needed to build, manufacture, or repair a product or service. A product BOM often serves as the basis for a production order. It lists the assembled components that make up a finished product, as well as the prices, descriptions, quantities, and associated units of measurement. Reporting helps businesses at the same time:

  • Monitor the production plan by day;
  • Monitor the raw material norms for production aforementioned
GoalsQuestions to askDashboard views
Monitor the production plan by day 
What is the required output of each SKU per day?
How much does 1 unit of product cost?
How much do all goods estimated cost after production?
Plan FG_Qty, FG Cost, Plan $  
Monitor raw material norms for production  
What materials are needed to make a product?
How many of each type?
What is the unit cost and total material cost?
RM_Qty, RM Cost, RM $ 

Production Bill of Materials Report 

  • The production plan table and the BOM table in the report can interact with each other: when selecting a finished product, the total amount of materials
    needed to produce that product will be displayed, while when selecting a material, it will be displayed. get all the products that need that material to make.

  • Production planning and material norms need to be monitored simultaneously and regularly to keep the production process running smoothly, avoiding downtime due to lack of materials.

*Key Terms

Plan FG_Qty: 
Number of finished products to be produced according to the plan

FG Cost:
Original cost of finished products after production

Plan $:
Total value of finished products produced according to the plan

Quantity of materials needed to produce the finished product as planned

RM Cost:
Cost of materials

Total value of materials needed to produce the finished product as planned

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