This report gives a visual representation of your product return data and displays it in an easy-to-understand form. With the product returns dashboard, you can gain valuable insights into return patterns and customer behavior, helping you make better decisions about pricing, products, the customer experience, and more. The business could achieve the below goals: 

GoalsQuestions to askDashboard views
Track returned product rate Is returned product rate high or low? Returned Quantity/ Revenue Rate 
Frequently returned products What are frequently returned products? Returned Quantity/ Revenue by Category, Style 
Common return reasons What is the most common reason? Can it be improved? Return Reason 
Preferred methods for returning products Customers prefer Exchange or Refund method? Total Returns by Return Type 

*Key Terms

Customers return goods and exchange for other products, partial refund is possible

Customers return goods and business refund the customers

Returned Quantity/Revenue Rate:
Ratio of quantity/revenue that customers returned to total quantity/total revenue  

Product Returns Report


When a customer returns your product, your reputation is at stake. It is critical that you understand why products are returned as well as how to prevent future returns. Implementing a Product Returns Analysis dashboard will help you uncover product defects and/or quality flaws that otherwise may not have been captured during the manufacturing process. 

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