A production manufacturing dashboard gives you a glance of the overall production capacity in an organization, in which you could track the key performance indicators and then learn how to optimize them.

This dashboard is indispensable when it comes to manufacturing analytics. It allows manufacturers to keep closer track of the KPIs and take necessary actions to optimize quality or immediately solve problems if they occurs. At the same time, it works as a valuable analytics to manage all manufacturing costs efficiently.

GoalsQuestions to askDashboard views
To track the recent actual production output 
  • What is the actual production output?
  • Which products and shifts have the highest actual output?
Production Volume, Production Volume by Date, Production Volume by Product and Shift 
To track the ratio of actual production output to planned output 
  • How has the percentage of actual output on the plan changed over time?
  • Which shift has the highest percentage of actual output on plan?
% Order w/Products 
To monitor some relevant key performance indicators for production management  
  • How many products are ordered?
  • What is the percentage of employees going to work compared to the plan?
  • What is the percentage of machine downtime?
  • What is the percentage of defective products?
Quantity Ordered, %Employee, %Downtime, %Defect 

*Key Terms

Production Volume: 
The actual production output

Quantity Ordered:
The number of orders

%Actual vs Plan:
The ratio of actual production output to planned output

The ratio of workers going to work

The downtime rate

The defect rate

Overall Production Report

  • The report shows us the actual production output and the percentage of actual output on the plan set by the enterprise over different times. This is a helpful reporting system for enterprises to control costs and evaluate production activities of each workshop, thereby making a basis for making production and consumption decisions with an appropriate level of output, and at the same time helping to build norms, cost estimates for the next period.
  • Other indicators related to production activities revolve around the 5M model to identify enterprise resources and track indicators affecting production capacity. From there, businesses have appropriate strategies to improve production and business lines.
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