This report dives deeper into all stock informations of all SKUs and allows users to choose buttons to sort out SKUs based on their coverage status, then quickly check SKUs that has lost sales, SKUs that is out of stock, stocks being critical or low when they need to.  The informations in the table cover net sales, incoming stock, stock on hand, lost sales, coverage, gross margin, sales mix and COGS, by values and units. The goal is to closely monitor the stock status of each SKU and assist inventory decision making after considering both the sales and the stocks of the product.  

For example, when the DailySales MA365 and net sales units of a product is high but the SOH units are low, purchase orders should be placed as soon as possible to  meet the demand. In another case, when the SOH units, coverage is low but the DailySales MA365 is also low, the filling up for this SKU might not be immediately necessary.  

*Key Terms

Active SKU: 
SKUs that are being sold by the business.

MA30 or Moving average 30 days:
The average amount in the nearest 30 days. 

Values of the stocks on hand calculated with the average price that the product is currently being sold for. 

COGS or cost of good sold:
The direct costs of producing the goods sold including costs to the distributors, manufacturers or retailers.

Inventory Analysis Report

Giving the most detailed view on all aspects of product of choice – down to every specific SKU and different types of stocks 


When it is required to monitor everything related to stocks all at once in a period of time, Inventory Analysis is just what a business wants for its detailed level and the way not a piece of information would be missed.  

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