The report focuses on emergency stocks – products out-of-stock or being listed as critical – and stocks in transit, with the goal is to prevent stockouts which eventually will cause lost sales, to track incoming stocks and to make decisions of placing purchase orders to meet the demand. The SIT range allows users to change the date range for SIT tracking – when a desired number of days is given, users can see how the coverage after the added dates would be like compared to the current coverage, and how the number of incoming stocks change afterwards.  This flexibility will give out the most detailed informations on the stock status by each SKU, thus better inventory arrangements.

GoalsQuestions to askDashboard views
Foresee the stock status after the date range How will emergency stocks be after incoming stocks arrive? Current Coverage
Coverage after SIT range
Monitor stocks incoming How many stocks are coming for each SKU, in total and in the date range? Incoming SIT
Incoming SIT Range (Dollar)
 Monitor SIT for all styles How many stocks are coming for each SKU in all styles by their expected arriving date?  Stock in transit 

*Key Terms

SIT or Stock in transit: 
Stocks that have left the seller’s end, but not yet reached the buyer. 

Emergency Stock & Stock in Transit

  • The coverage of emergency stock intends to be the call-to-action piece of information that inventory manager and purchasing team would need to monitor, which eventually prevents lost sales. 
  • Users can view how the situation of stocks would be like compared to the existing coverage and how the quantity of incoming stocks would vary after providing a desired number of days in the SIT range. 
  • To further manage stocks in the near future, incoming stocks tell how the stocks will be after arriving – especially the emergency types and this information would be beneficial to the managers as well as the sales team and purchasing team.


This report gives attention to emergency stocks as they can potentially harm the business’ sales by causing lost sales if not properly managed. Knowing which one is in low stocks and how the stocks in transit are doing is essential to people that have control over inventory.  

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