Manufacturing downtime is any period in which a manufacturer is no longer producing goods – commonly due to equipment failure, scheduled asset maintenance, and other causes like problems with labor or supply. But the dashboard we show is only limited to manufacturing downtime caused by equipment failure.   

Tracking downtime (either planned or unplanned) is vital to any manager as understanding the state of equipment will allow them to make decisions to improve efficiency. Besides, the managers are better aware of the time and date equipment is due for maintenance to develop preventive maintenance strategies to limit downtime and improve overall equipement effectiveness (OEE).   

Goals Questions to ask Dashboard views
Monitor the actual machine running 

What is the actual running time of a machine?  

Production Time
Monitor the actual machine downtime and analyze the causes of manufacturing downtime  
  • What is the actual downtime?
  • What are the reasons for machine downtime?
  • What could enterprises do to reduce the machine downtime?
Downtime, Scheduled Downtime, Production Downtime by Line, Production Downtime by Cause, Production Downtime by Shift and Cause Type  
Keep track of machine breakdown times and average machine downtime  
  • How many occurrences per day that the machine downtime occurs?
  • What is the average machine downtime?
Quantity Ordered, %Employee, %Downtime, %Defect 

Downtime Report

  • The report helps businesses track how long the machine is running in reality. Calculating production lead times helps businesses easily develop strategies to increase business efficiency, reduce costs and retain customers. It will also enable businesses to prepare for potential future challenges.
  • Actual downtime, average downtime, and number of times of failure are also tracked in this report. Monitoring these indicators in order to consider measures to minimize machine downtime and plan production and consumption is necessary to avoid adverse effects on the production activities of enterprises

*Key Terms

Production Time: 
The actual machine running time

A period of time in which a machine is not in production

Scheduled Downtime:
The estimated time for planned maintenance, repairs, upgrade or testing

The moment when a machine is unavailable for production

Average Downtime:
The average amount of downtime happened

Cause Type:
Types of errors:
+ Scheduled – typically for maintenance, repairs, upgrade or testing
+ Unscheduled – errors happen accidentally.

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