front end web development tools

The List of 28 Best Front-end Web Development Tools 

7 minutes read Front-end development tools facilitate the creation of visually attractive websites and applications. With its convenient drag-and-drop interface and extensive built-in functions, this program speeds up developing sites. Considering this, Synodus have produced a list of the best front-end web development tools to locate the most valuable resources for programmers.  Code Editor Programmers and web developers […]

what to ask a web developer before hiring

What questions to ask a web developer before hiring: 25 Q&As

6 minutes read Many businesses are developing or enhancing their existing websites to digitize their operations and match user expectations. This creates a greater demand for website development services, which require skilled developers to deliver the job with results. To fully evaluate the best-suited web developer for your projects, here are 25 questions to ask a web developer […]